Sunday, January 17, 2016

Laterz Dweebz x

So I'm just gonna come straight out with it and say that this is my last post. And when I say it's my last post, I mean it's my last post E-V-E-R.

Throughout the past year or so I've been blogging less and less, and if I were to continue blogging I'd rather be fully committed to it. Right now I'm not. 

I love making clothes, music and art, and I want to devote all the free time I have on doing those things. Depending on whatever free time I'll have this year. (Oh Year 12, how I'm looking forward to hating you, haha!) Blogging honestly feels like a chore nowadays. When I come up with an idea of something I desperately want to sew, I immediately think "Oh no. That's another thing I'll have to blog about!" It all stacks up on me and I don't really have the time anymore. I don't want to have to stop myself from making myself a lil sumthin sumthin just because I already have a lot to blog about. And don't get me wrong, I love sharing what I make with the universe. That's why I'll continue to share what I do through my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Thank you, Faux Fur Kitten readers, for continuing to read whatever I've been blabbering on about on this here blargh, you're all so wonderful!!  

So um, that's all I really wanted to say. Keep in touch, Dweebs. Laterz x

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB!!!! And we're here to take you into the woooorrrld of the Mighty Booooosh!

Hello human people of the universe!! During my sewing spree I threw together a couple of shirts which I've been telling myself REPEATEDLY to make since God knows how long and have only JUST come around to making them for myself, haha oops! Do you ever see a cool tee someone in a film is wearing? Or just a picture/cartoon/whatever in general and just know that you NEED to have it on some form of clothing? Like, NEEEEEED? Well yeah, that happens to me a lot. Luckily for me I've gotten off my lazy teenage butt and done stuff, AND NOW I'M WEARING THE STUFF YAY.

So first off I've made myself a Boosh shirt! Yes yes another garment obviously expressing my un-expressible love for Noel Fielding, I know. I WARNED YOU. I grew up with The Mighty Boosh and have pretty much watched every single dingle episode more than enough times to prove that I'm freakily obsessed, ahahahahahha *NERVOUS COUGH* so how could I not own a Boosh tee already, amirite?? 

My second shirt is a reference from one of the most wonderful and amazeballs films ever released into the world ever, Scott Pilgrim vs the world!! Now if you haven't watched this film then you must stop reading this post right now (and I know it must be hard for you to do so considering my blog is a super cool aspect of the internet...BUT YOU MUST DO IT!!! FOR . YOUR . OWN . GOOD!) and watch it! RIGHT NOW! Knives Chau is one of the most badass humans to ever exist! Aaaaaand she is also Scott's fake highschool girlfriend, haha! As Scott Pilgrim's fake highschool girlfriend she is the biggest fan of the super cool band he plays in, which is called................SEX BOB-OMB!!! And with a super cool band comes super cool band merch, right dweebs? Yeah that's right. 

So this is one of the super cool Sex Bob-Omb band mech tee's that Knives wore in the film, and I've been eyeing it ever since I first saw it, haha. I appliqued and hand sewed the words onto this random oversized black tee I found in the op-shop down the street. Quite neat if I don't say so myself, hehe.


Laterz Dweebz xx

Saturday, December 26, 2015



LOOK AT PAUL PANFER! THIS IS PAUL PANFER!! BASOOOOOOOO!!! And if you Dweebs don't know who Paul Panfer is than I am very disappointed in you and command you to watch Episode One of Season Two of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy RIGHT NOW!...OR EVERY EPISODE THAT IS! Noel Fielding is one of my many Gods who I admire endlessly and fangirl way too much over due to the fact that I'm existing in the same universe as them. AHA I'M NOT CRAZY I PROMISE! HAHAHHAH NOEL FIELDING GIVE ME A FANTASTICAL HUG. I MEAN WHAT? WHO SAID THAT? Not me, pfft. *subtly hugs framed picture of Noel*

So as  you can see I've made myself a Paul Panfer dress, which I made out of an Extra Extra Eeeeeextra Extra EXTRA large shirt and a LOT of acrylic paint. Like, A LOT. I painted every edge of this shirt/dress, AND IT HARDLY WRINKLES WOO!! Probably because I mixed a LOT of water with the paint, yeah that's probably and most definitely the reason why aha :,) BUT I'M STILL AMAZED! The water gave a watercolour-ish effect, with the paint spreading about and doing it's own business and with the colours mashing into one another like it would do on paper, and you guys know how much I love my watercolours, well at least I think you do. Ah well.

When I said I painted all edges of this shirt/dress, I meant it (Well except the whites of the eggs, BUT THAT'S INIMPORTANT, LETS MOVE ON). Here's the back! Which I think I might love better than the front haha! It just really makes me laugh how the puppets' names are Tony Curtis and Curtis Tony. It's brilliant :,)

I knew that coming to Hosier Lane would be a rad spot to take blog photos of my wearable artwork hehe. Everyone thought I had just stumbled out of the walls! Haha!!! I also got asked by someone if I could get a photo taken with them. Wow what an interesting tourist attraction I turned out to be :,)

Not only am I happy with this hand-painted creation of mine which I have sitting on my body-ody-ody, but I'm also very happy with this hand-painted creation of mine which I have sitting on my face-y-acy-acy, Does that work? Face-y-acy-acy? Eh, ah well, haha. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that MAKEUP IS SO FUN!! *YELPS EXCITEDLY*

So on this gorgeous day out in the fab city of Melbourne the fam and I adventured around until I walked out of Retrostar with several bags of goodies in hand aaaaaand then I practically robbed JB HI-FI of all their Pond vinyl, haha! I really love Pond, they're my favourite band out of all existence of fantastical time right now. OH! And also there's this cute little donut shop we adventured to which had donuts with the most amusing names, but the one in particular that had me at pretzel was "The George Costanza". You guys should also know by now (meaning this very second) that I'm infatuated with Seinfeld.....THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKIN' ME THERSTAY!!!! 

Anyways!!! I hope you Dweebs had a wonderful Christmas, I MEAN FESTIVUS! HAH! And continue to have a fabulous end to the year. I've got SO many handmade garments and such that I super duper need to post about, along with some more Noel Fielding-ness, but for now this is a see you laterz Dweebz! 

Laterz Dweebz xx

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Art Assignment Realness - Part Two.

PART TWO, WOO! So compared to the start of Part One I'm doing pretty great here, haha. This artwork symbolizes the stereotypes men are given and that labels are a total bore. Men are stereotyped as strong and big. As people who "have" to wear a short haircut and a pair of super tough looking pants. Well I say, who needs stereotypes?! Guys can look pretty damn good in a skirt or a dress if they style themselves right, and I say if you can work it, then don't be afraid to do so. I mean look at Jayden Smith! He looks quite attractive in a skirt. Oh and not to forget the god himself, Bowie! Don't settle into being the stereotype you feel as though you should be depending on your gender or sexuality. You know what? Don't even label yourself with a gender or a sexual orientation. Who needs labels? Who needs the stress of the process to discover what gender they're attracted to, or what gender they feel most comfortable being, just so they can label themselves? Just be you, just live on being whatever you want to be. Kiss what ever gender you want to kiss (with consent of course, aha), be whatever gender you want to be, and wear a god damn skirt no matter who you are. Labels are boring and unnecessary. As long as you're a happy and well dressed human being that is all that matters, heh. Well that's my opinion anyways :3 

ANYWAYS, moving on from my little rant and onto my Jesus...BOWIE! You really didn't think I would go through 20 artworks and not have at least one being Bowie, did you? Haha, well here's Ashes to Ashes Bowie. I was going to do this artwork in charcoal so it could connect to the title in a way. But if you've ever worked with charcoal you would know they're messy as all hell! So I just stuck to lead pencil, which turned out quite good if I don't say so myself, aha ha ha. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while you would probably know what I am quite the big fan of Weetzie Bat books. I even named one of my cats after the slinkster-cool character (I like to call her Weetzie Cat, haha. I would love to be a cat with a pun as a name, wouldn't you?). If you knew this you might also know that one of my favourite editorials of all time is PaperMag's take on Francesca Lia Block's wonderful imagination. I fell in love with every single photograph and couldn't resist painting this one of the rad Annakim Violette, in a Pop Art sort of style to be precise. I have to say this is one of my favourite paintings in my folio :3

Jenny Mustard! Oh what a darling, she's so gorgeous and I've been a sucker for her style for quite some time. Actually, this isn't the first time I've drawn her. Remember??? Hehe. Anyways, I've been falling in awe with this photograph over and over again and couldn't resist drawing her again. I LOVE how Jenny wears this harness really loose over her ensemble. It's moments like these where I take notes on how to wear things differently, haha. Jenny you're a genius <3

Casper Blaise! Here's another lady I've drawn more than once! These ladies are just too stylish, they're unstoppable! Haha, so this is another favourite of mine, and I don't actually think photograph's do it justice aha. Ah well. So this is Casper Blaise, someone I admire the style of everyday. Her constant change in hairdo's and outfits make me squeal in awe. Especially when I saw this Spongebob shirt, AH!

This artwork here is just a little something I whipped up due to running out of time haha, oopsies! Creepers are an essential in any human's wardrobe. Actually, I take that back, Doc Martens are an essential, like a DEFINITE essential! But yeah, Creepers are pretty cool too :3 They've got a pretty cool aesthetic about them, the same with Polaroids. So I decided to combine the two, for an overpowering aesthetic realness, haha.

Willow Smith is someone I've been following for quite some time, a reason being because of her rad style. Recently Willow was in a shoot for i-D Magazine and I gasped at every single photograph for the reason being that the styling was wonderful. A painting of Willow from this photo shoot was definitely a must.

Now people, this here is what I like to call...a Sculptie. Not a selfie, not a sculpture, but a sculpture selfie, which doubles as a finger puppet. Yes yes you can all bow down to me as I am officially a genius. Haha, so yeah I made a self portrait in the style of a sculpture, pretty cool right? The Sculptie is of me in my fluffy, green, grass dress, and you can't see in the selfie but I'm wearing a pretty rad necklace my pretty rad Auntie sent me :3 I first sculpted the Sculptie out of wire and paper mache and continued to Edie-fy it soon afterwards, hehe. Pretty happy with it, yay!

My last two artworks are my final artworks which were hung up in this cute little exhibition at school. I ended up winning an award for my art-y efforts and received a canteen voucher which I spent on THE MOST DELICIOUS NUTELLA DONUT UGH. So yeah, I'm indeed quite proud of myself for that, hehe. Oh, and a teacher or two ended up wanting to buy my artworks off of me! Which was quite exciting but I ran home with them instead, like the greedy bitch I am haha! 
So this is Grimes, whom I adore oh-so much. This dress has always been a favourite of mine and thought all the detail would look quite cool painted in watercolours and thrown in a fancy but super cheap frame, ahaha. 

The final and fiiiinal artwork is a take on Romance was Born's Mushroom Magic collection, which is yet another painting that could do more justice being seen with your own eyes rather than through a photograph, aha, ah well. The garments, the makeup, and the hair are all equally gorgeous elements of this collection, and therefore results in this being my favourite RWB collection thus far. I wanted to make the collar of this dress stand out a little bit more than the rest of the artwork, so I glued rhinestones and beads to it, later glitterbombing it. Was a pretty great idea, AMIRITE? Hehe, another good idea was the inks that I used to create the wonderful and so very pretty fabric the dress is made from. Ugh, I'm just so in love with Romance was Born, can you tell? ^.^

Well that's everything. I hope to write again very soon as I have sewn together quite a few garments with my very own hands. YES I ACTUALLY SEWED SOMETHING ARE YOU PROUD? HAHA!

Laterz Dweebz xx