Saturday, December 22, 2012

My posse

I've been drawing lately and I thought I could share my posse with you. I haven't given the first girl a name, but I think I'll name her Columbia, because she looks a bit like the groupie gal from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Maybe it's the hair.

Do you like my drawing of Grimes? It's her from her music video Genesis.

Happy drawing and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Collars and Pom poms

Hey awesome people, I've made another dress to show you today. I love collars, you just can't complete an outfit without them. Well, you can but I just wanted to make a point. On the dress— I have so fantastically made (Teehee) is a collar, a nice sharp one, it's so sharp you can chop a watermelon in half. To make this dress, my mum helped me cut out my own bodice, and added a circle skirt to the bottom. Easy peasy! Oh I nearly forgot the collar. To tell the truth it wasn't that easy. I find collars difficult to sew, maybe because the dress was made from polyester and you can't really iron it, but i'm getting better..... I think.

Did you see the letters I'm sitting on, it spells out C-U-T-E. Isn't that just awesome?

Not long ago at the beginning at the year or sew (so), I started to make hair accessories, (I wore a couple of pairs in this post) I started with pom poms then bows then headbands over to knitted headbands to knitted bows to little characters to love hearts to... anyway, check out these babies that I'm wearing. I made them in the same colour/hue as the dress. Pretty awesomesauce huh? Anybody? Well, I think so.

What I wore:
Pom pom hair accessories: Handmade by me.
Moustache and glasses necklace: Diva
Awesome dress with an awesome collar: Handmade by me (of course:))
Frilly socks: Dangerfield (Best shop EVER!)
Black and white saddle shoes: Borrowed from mummy.

Happy sewing

P.S Did you see the awesome mini-me I drew in that last picture? I'm having fun on the puter learning stuffs :P

Friday, December 7, 2012

Maniac Monday

Hey readers, today I thought I would share my Monday with ya'll, since it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! My school had a student -free -day so I thought I'd chill with my momma. So I got dressed up in a wicked outfit, packed my Hysteric Glamour bag and we were off. We decided to catch a train to the city, which I LOVE doing by the way, of course we had to wait for it, so I took a photo of my kit which contained my mix tape wallet, Mystic Glamour bag and Gaga glasses. 

The first thing my mum wanted to do was to see an exhibition on Ballet fashion. I took some photos of my favourite outfits and jazzed them up a bit with some of my many photo editing apps.

I love this one. Love the feathers.

After that, we walked on over to Mag-Nation, and I took this photo of... well, only some of the magazines in the store.

And guess what, there is an upstairs. Love the wall.

One of the best spots in Melbourne is Hosier Lane, you know, the lane with the layers and layers of graffiti art. Well anyways I took some photo's and brightened them up, maybe a little too much.

 I found some celebrities as well.

Erykah Badu.

And Heath Ledger as the Joker. Damn is he awesome or what?

Here are some other photo's I took around the citay of Melbourne.

Ahhh I love photography. Here's a photo of me in my wicked outfit. I look pretty damn amazing right, haha.

To finish off this post I wanna show you a video clip I quite enjoy. It's 
called Didn't Cha Know by Erykah Badu.

Happy (Mon)days.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tavi Watercolour

TAVI! Well Isn't that a good way to start this post? I think I am OBSESSED with her, which is pretty creepy when I say it like that, but anyways in this post I have decided to draw Tavi from one of my favourite pictures of her. I really like this artwork, I've tried to be very creative with it. I didn't just draw her I used actual newspaper for the hat. Do you like it? That ain't all folks, this fabulous piece of art had no colour, so I sent her to the photoshop laboratory and added watercolour paint to it. I'm so happy with this slinkster cool drawing/collage/watercolour/the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Say yes!! I hope someone puts it up in an art gallery and gets me famous and stuff. Enough about my fantasies take a look at this... um whatever you wanna call it. I'll call it my little piece of awesome, hehe. 

'Little Piece Of Awesome'
Happy drawing.

Saturday Night dress.

Saturday Nights are my favourite nights for many reasons, but that Isn't why I've named my post after it. I've been loving The Noisettes album Wild Young Hearts and I think Shingai Shoniwa is fierce and totally bad ass. My all time favourite song from the album would have to be Saturday Night, and that is why this amazing song is the title of the rebel dress I have made. 

 I love short, cute, flowy dresses. Can you imagine me dancing to the beat of Saturday Night, in a club, ON A SATURDAY NIGHT?! OH MY GOD, I am a genius. Planning it, totally planning it.

I'm using the beehive hairstyle, again. What can I say, It looks fabulous with everything. *wink*

YEEEAAAH! I'm such a good poser *wink wink wink w i n k *

I love the fabric, I didn't overdo the dress. It's just right. Wouldn't you agree?
What I wore:
Beehive hairdo: Idea from Rookie Mag.
Head band: Just a little something I made with leftover fabric.
Dress: Handmade by me. Random patterns put together to make one. I HAVE THE POWER!!
Pink Belt: Thrifted.
Boots: Ebay.

Happy Sewing.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bad Ass Girls

Hello, I've been drawing quite a lot lately including the coolest ladies you've ever seen. These three girls have bright hair, radical clothes and bad ass attitude.

Happy drawing.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

High-Low Skirt DIY awesomeness

Hey everybody. There is one thing you guys don't know about me, and that is that I love D.I.Y. To start this D.I.Y awesomesauceness I have gone onto one of my favourite websites and found something totally radtastic to do, and this time I found out how to make a high low skirt in less than 15 minutes. I got out a long, flowery skirt which I thrifted and got to work!

My mum was getting photo's done for her blog also, so we drove down into the bush, making sure we didn't get eaten by bears.

For the end of this post, I borrowed my mums hat, for a stylish shot. She loves this one.
Any ways Adios Amigos. Thanks for reading.

What I wore:
Plain white de-attachable collar: Cut off a plain white shirt.
Pink Yeah, yeah, yeah's tee: Passed down from my mum.
High low skirt: D.I.Y idea from Rookie.
Long, frilly, white socks: Frills sewn on by me.
Black and white saddle shoes: Borrowed from my mum.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ice cream

Every day of the holidays, which was totes awesome by the way, I drew in my book "The book of Edie's fashion"  what I would wear. It was really fun, artsy and it gave me something to do every morning besides sleeping until twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Pfft teenagers.

Here is my sketch of what I wore a couple of weeks ago. Jesus Christ I'm slow.

I've decided to show you this totes rad outfit (out of all of the other totes rad outfits) I drew. I am wearing:

My hair in a beehive: D.I.Y video on Rookie.
Black bow with tulle: From Dangerfield.
Ice cream earrings: Diva.
Pink fitted jacket: Thrifted, dyed from white to pink.
Ice cream dress: Handmade, Fabric from Rathdowne Remnant Fabrics. Post about it here.
Pink tights: Probably from some supermaket somewhere.
Stuffed Scuffed Docs: Thrifted.

Now I will leave you with this awesome video clip, Genesis by Grimes. This girl is bad ass.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Holidays

Helloooo everybody. I've had a pretty good week on my first week of school holidays. One thing I've done during this week of awesomeness, is finish my Weetzie bat book! I think it was the most totes awesome book i've EVER read. It's also the thickest I've read. I swear it was more than one billion pages long, but I did it, I read the whole thing, and it felt amazing reading the last word and slamming the book shut, throwing my hands in the air and dancing around the house with the biggest grin on my face. I just LOVED it. You guys just HAVE to read Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat books. Here is the cover of the book I read. It has all of the five stories in one book. ISN'T THAT JUST THE BEST THING EVER?!

Ummmmmmm, lets think. Oh yeah! Did you guys know that the new No Doubt album is out now, liiiiiike RIGHT NOW! OH MY GOSH! I can't believe they're back together. I bought it with the pocket money that I got from cleaning up the house with my mum. So I am glad to say, that this is the first album, I have bought with my own money. *people clapping and cheering* Yaaaay! My mum told me that I should always remember the first album that you buy with your own money. I took that seriously, and planned to spend my birthday money on the new No Doubt album but obviously that didn't happen, I spent it on perfume. Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers perfume. Of course I don't regret it, I mean at least I could remember my first perfume I ever bought. 
No Doubt has a new music video out, TWO actually. But I haven't seen the other one and I can't be bothered right now, maybe later. But you guys can check it out. The video clip is called Push and Shove.

Ya'll should check out their OTHER new video clip, Settle Down. It's totes awesome and I'd totally like to make those rad pants she's wearing.

Another thing i'm addicted to right now is Noel Fieldings Luxury Comedy. We found it the other day, and bought it and added it to our collection of other crazy Noel fielding stuff. It's hypnotising us, we're walking around the house singing "Oooh Yeeeaaah," over and over. Me and my brother keep on pointing at each other saying " Ha, big cat pants." Oh god, what weirdo's we are.

Recently I have been into Haysi Fantayzee and their unforgettable song, Shiny shiny.
I could listen to it over and over. Shiny shiny na na na na. I really like what they wear, that's Vivienne Westwood right there. Ha! that rhymes.

Well now that i've finished blabbering, how has your week been?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Denim Overalls

Hey, long time no write. This week I decided to make some fun denim overalls. I love all-in-ones. For my 14th birthday not long ago, I got a onesie. Onesie's ( or kigurumi's) are one piece pj's. Mine's a pink and white bunny, and it's cosy, mmmmmmmm. ANYWAYS, back to the overalls. I like denim overalls, they come in lots of different styles. Skinny legs, wide legs, dark denim, light denim etc.

I used a 6626 simplicity pattern, the same pants pattern I used for my Teen Vogue pants. All I had to add was the bib and braces. Easy peasy. I kicked major butt placing the zip in but for some reason the hook n eye was a little off, every time I get into these fabulous things they kept coming undone, that's probably because they are a little bit big, that means they'll last longer (double yessss!) I found some totes cute buttons to add and I also added a pocket on the bib for all of my goodies. Tee hee. I decided to make these overalls simple, so I could add lots of bits and bobs to them. 

I love these photo's, along with the creation.

 And to finish this blog post off, a photo of me mid-air. BOING!

What I wore:
Shirt: Black and red striped t-shirt thrifted.
Denim overalls: Handmade by me.
Shoes: Black converses.