Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flower headband

This week amongst all of my homework, MEH! I've managed to get crafty and make a flower headband or wreath. My inspiration is of course, one of Tavi's Gevison's crowns. I bought the flowers from the op-shop, I had my dad put holes in a plastic headband and with my Super Powered Hot Glue Gun™ I glued the flowers onto the tiny holes. Easy peasy. 

My mum showed me how to do these wicked effects in Photoshop. I think they turned out ace.

With the leftovers, I made a pair of hair ties. I wore these to school the other day and someone asked me (in his drone tone), are you a florist? I replied, Why, how observant of you!! All I could think of was ' Is that all you got?' Ha ha.  Anyways, I think these turned out pretty awesome, I wished the flowers were pink, but they're from the op-shop, what are you gonna do? I hope your week is as sunny as my new hair wreath.

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