Friday, June 15, 2012

Weetzie bat and Kate Bush

Hello again. How has your week been? Mine went very slowly but I'm glad that the weekend has finally come. This week I have started reading Weetzie Bat books. I love how she makes her own clothes and she calls the good looking boys Ducks. I looked up on google (which I do a lot to find fashion inspiration)- Weetzie Bat fashion and I found these. I love how she's....OUT THERE!

This week we watched an episode of rage, (which we TiVo'd) and I just couldn't help but to watch Kate Bush's Babooshka over and over. I just love how she dances baaa booshka, baaa booshka booshka eye yeye.

Well that's what I've been into this week, I better get some sleep for my early wake to the op-shops. I wanna score some good bargains, so i'll post to you later. I'm planning on making a flower headband this weekend, hoping it goes well.


  1. You know you're my very own Weetzie Bat right? You are awesome.

  2. Oh only if I was, Thanks mummy xx