Friday, July 13, 2012

Pom pom jumper

With some inspiration from Ashish, I spent hours, DAYS even, making and sewing colourful pom poms onto this chunky, plain jumper from Target. I made the pompoms in my own secret way (Shhhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone), sewn them on and voila! you've got yourself your own handmade Ashish jumper. I made quite a lot of mess while making this, but mum was okay with it, because I was being creative. Tee hee.

I was going to wear this to the Lady Gaga concert, but  thought "Nah, it's too daggy, it's not uncomfortable enough for Lady Gaga." BUT, I also thought that these photos turned out pretty well. The pop of pom really glows up against the black.


My mum was experimenting in photoshop and made the colours pop out. I love the ideas she comes up with. Tee hee.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert

Hey peeps. For a while I've been thinking about what to wear to the LADY GAGA CONCERT which has been and gone, so I'm a little late here and by the way it was AWESOME! So here is what I wore..

What I wore
Hat: Bowler hat from Dangerfield.
Jacket: Thrifted faux leather jacket.
Sticker: Little Monster back patch made by mum
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted boots

 I love this little addition to my jacket.... to let everybody know that I am a Little Monster. Hehe

I've got the tickets, lets g-g-g-goooo

I'm nearly there. EXCITED!

It's nice to think us Melbournians have some creativity in us. Took a quick photo of this girls jacket. Lovin' it.

We are finally inside, waiting for Mother Monster to come out and surprise us. And when she does...

I scream out GAGA like everybody else...


 Out of all of the merchandise, I finally made my decision and got myself a poster and a T-shirt. Here's me showing off my new t-shirt. I've put my poster up in my room right next to my bed so I can fall asleep knowing Mother Monster is watching me.

Thank you for all of your nice comments on my previous posts xxoo