Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Black & White Pixie Coat

A friend of my mum and dad's- Amy, from Sweet and Blue clothing, asked me to model for one of her fabulous coats. We met in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, and took some photos next to some of Melbournes famous graffiti walls. I really love how they turned out.

I made the soot sprite hair ties, do you like them?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red military shorts

Hey everyone. Ever since I've started sewing, I thought it would be cool if I could make a radical pair of red military shorts, you know, with the gold buttons down the front. I used a 1969 Style Pattern from the op-shop (again) for $2, and got started. I've always imagined wearing my white knee-high socks with them.

Here are some close-ups. I was  a little disappointed in the cotton fabric I made them from, they get wrinkly after I sit down, but otherwise, I love them.

I salute you all, blog followers.

What I wore:
  • Red beret: Thrifted
  • Military jacket: Thrifted
  • Frilly top: Thrifted
  • Mary janes: Passed down from mum

What I drew

Hey guys. I thought I might add another category to my blog and call it "What I drew". Besides sewing, I also love drawing and here are some of my favourites so far.

This is a watercolour painting of the Madd Hatter from my favourite Tim Burton movie "Alice in Wonderland." I entered this drawing into a competition this year. I didn't get a place, but I was pretty chuffed on how it turned out.

This is a drawing of my mum (Kazz the spazz.) I drew her in her radical, african, handmade outfit. She is so cool.

In this drawing I really like Bei Badgirls art. I really admire the way she draws the eyelashes, so I had a go at drawing some myself.

This is a drawing of my dad. He is in L.O.V.E with his golf. Hit dat ball!

God we all love Marilyn Monroe right? She is gorgeous!

This last one is of Tavi. I tried to make her look like a watercolour thing like they do on Paper fashion, but i'm not so good at that.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Teen vogue pants

Hey guys, I've been dreaming about having a pair of these pants from Teen Vogue magazine. I love it how they cover your feet when you wear extremely tall shoes. So I've decided to get creative and have a go at making a pair. I used a pattern of course, a 6626 Simplicity pattern from my favourite local op-shop. Lucky find huh? Anyway, I got to work straight away as soon as I found this B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L fabric from Spotlight. I did get nervous  once I found out I had to add a zipper in the front, but luckily it turned out fine.

I love experimenting with Photoshop, I think I'm getting pretty good don't ya think? :0).

Considering these are my first pair of pants, I think they turned out well, and I love and feel confident wearing them.