Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red military shorts

Hey everyone. Ever since I've started sewing, I thought it would be cool if I could make a radical pair of red military shorts, you know, with the gold buttons down the front. I used a 1969 Style Pattern from the op-shop (again) for $2, and got started. I've always imagined wearing my white knee-high socks with them.

Here are some close-ups. I was  a little disappointed in the cotton fabric I made them from, they get wrinkly after I sit down, but otherwise, I love them.

I salute you all, blog followers.

What I wore:
  • Red beret: Thrifted
  • Military jacket: Thrifted
  • Frilly top: Thrifted
  • Mary janes: Passed down from mum


  1. Oh very cute. And yes damn that cotton and it's wrinkles. I guess these shall become your 'never sit down super cute shorts'?

    1. Ha ha. Yeah these will totally become my 'never sit down super cute shorts.' Thanks for the
      comment :)