Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Denim Overalls

Hey, long time no write. This week I decided to make some fun denim overalls. I love all-in-ones. For my 14th birthday not long ago, I got a onesie. Onesie's ( or kigurumi's) are one piece pj's. Mine's a pink and white bunny, and it's cosy, mmmmmmmm. ANYWAYS, back to the overalls. I like denim overalls, they come in lots of different styles. Skinny legs, wide legs, dark denim, light denim etc.

I used a 6626 simplicity pattern, the same pants pattern I used for my Teen Vogue pants. All I had to add was the bib and braces. Easy peasy. I kicked major butt placing the zip in but for some reason the hook n eye was a little off, every time I get into these fabulous things they kept coming undone, that's probably because they are a little bit big, that means they'll last longer (double yessss!) I found some totes cute buttons to add and I also added a pocket on the bib for all of my goodies. Tee hee. I decided to make these overalls simple, so I could add lots of bits and bobs to them. 

I love these photo's, along with the creation.

 And to finish this blog post off, a photo of me mid-air. BOING!

What I wore:
Shirt: Black and red striped t-shirt thrifted.
Denim overalls: Handmade by me.
Shoes: Black converses.

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