Friday, September 7, 2012

Not long ago, mum and I went to see the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Have you seen it? It's sooooooo good. It's up there with The Royal Tenanbaums, another awesome Wes Anderson film. My mum had an idea that I dress up as the main character, Suzy. She made the dress, out of this beautiful pink fabric, which I LOVE by the way. But we couldn't find any cheap binoculars (Damnit), So we mum got crafty (Haha, she doesn't like crafty) and made a pair herself out of toilet paper rolls. There is no other way but with toilet rolls.

The whole outfit came together nicely, with the long, white socks and the saddle shoes. But the thing I like most is the dress. My mum is going to teach me how to make one and I will have it in every colour.

 What I wore:

Pink in my hair: Kevin Murphy colour bug
Binoculars: Handmade with toilet rolls and extra craftiness
Dress: Handmade by my mum
Socks: Probably from Target or something
Shoes: Borrowed from my mum (We're the same size. Eeeeek!)

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