Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weetzie bat

My mum does a sewing challenge once every week for The Sew Weekly. This week she had to make an outfit based on a book character, she chose WEETZIE BAT!!! AND she made the outfit especially for ME!!!! I got very excited when she told me her fabulous idea, I wasn't surprised, because she always comes up with fabulous ideas. We found a Weetzie Bat inspired photoshoot via PAPERMAG and mum copied this beautiful, colourful, complicated dress. I think she made it perfectly. BUT!! You can't be Weetzie Bat without a feathered headdress. So we went down to the $2 shop and found bags of coloured feathers for $2 (well obviously, it was a $2 shop). I thought it was a good idea to use the leftover scraps from the dress to make the elastic look just as good as the dress. Yeah! So I sewed up a headband. My mum didn't want me to break my sewing machine while sewing on the feathers because they were pretty hardcore, so she risked her sewing machine and sewed on the feathers herself using a leather needle. Gladly nothing bad happened or she would've had a serious breakdown. Hehe.

As my mum was making this dress, she told me, " You should totally wear this to the next free dress day at school! " And what do you know! Monday was a free dress day, I couldn't resist.

Someone kindly nicknamed me Indie hehe.

oh how I love this dress...

I really like how the dress stands out from the backdrop. Stopping traffic!

My teenage snarl. Ha!

What I wore:

Feathered headdress: Handmade.
Pink in my hair: Kevin Murphy colour bug.
Dress: Handmade by my special mum.
Red shoes: Thrifted baby, thrifted.

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