Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ice cream

Every day of the holidays, which was totes awesome by the way, I drew in my book "The book of Edie's fashion"  what I would wear. It was really fun, artsy and it gave me something to do every morning besides sleeping until twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Pfft teenagers.

Here is my sketch of what I wore a couple of weeks ago. Jesus Christ I'm slow.

I've decided to show you this totes rad outfit (out of all of the other totes rad outfits) I drew. I am wearing:

My hair in a beehive: D.I.Y video on Rookie.
Black bow with tulle: From Dangerfield.
Ice cream earrings: Diva.
Pink fitted jacket: Thrifted, dyed from white to pink.
Ice cream dress: Handmade, Fabric from Rathdowne Remnant Fabrics. Post about it here.
Pink tights: Probably from some supermaket somewhere.
Stuffed Scuffed Docs: Thrifted.

Now I will leave you with this awesome video clip, Genesis by Grimes. This girl is bad ass.

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