Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday Night dress.

Saturday Nights are my favourite nights for many reasons, but that Isn't why I've named my post after it. I've been loving The Noisettes album Wild Young Hearts and I think Shingai Shoniwa is fierce and totally bad ass. My all time favourite song from the album would have to be Saturday Night, and that is why this amazing song is the title of the rebel dress I have made. 

 I love short, cute, flowy dresses. Can you imagine me dancing to the beat of Saturday Night, in a club, ON A SATURDAY NIGHT?! OH MY GOD, I am a genius. Planning it, totally planning it.

I'm using the beehive hairstyle, again. What can I say, It looks fabulous with everything. *wink*

YEEEAAAH! I'm such a good poser *wink wink wink w i n k *

I love the fabric, I didn't overdo the dress. It's just right. Wouldn't you agree?
What I wore:
Beehive hairdo: Idea from Rookie Mag.
Head band: Just a little something I made with leftover fabric.
Dress: Handmade by me. Random patterns put together to make one. I HAVE THE POWER!!
Pink Belt: Thrifted.
Boots: Ebay.

Happy Sewing.

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