Friday, November 16, 2012

Tavi Watercolour

TAVI! Well Isn't that a good way to start this post? I think I am OBSESSED with her, which is pretty creepy when I say it like that, but anyways in this post I have decided to draw Tavi from one of my favourite pictures of her. I really like this artwork, I've tried to be very creative with it. I didn't just draw her I used actual newspaper for the hat. Do you like it? That ain't all folks, this fabulous piece of art had no colour, so I sent her to the photoshop laboratory and added watercolour paint to it. I'm so happy with this slinkster cool drawing/collage/watercolour/the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Say yes!! I hope someone puts it up in an art gallery and gets me famous and stuff. Enough about my fantasies take a look at this... um whatever you wanna call it. I'll call it my little piece of awesome, hehe. 

'Little Piece Of Awesome'
Happy drawing.

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