Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Collars and Pom poms

Hey awesome people, I've made another dress to show you today. I love collars, you just can't complete an outfit without them. Well, you can but I just wanted to make a point. On the dress— I have so fantastically made (Teehee) is a collar, a nice sharp one, it's so sharp you can chop a watermelon in half. To make this dress, my mum helped me cut out my own bodice, and added a circle skirt to the bottom. Easy peasy! Oh I nearly forgot the collar. To tell the truth it wasn't that easy. I find collars difficult to sew, maybe because the dress was made from polyester and you can't really iron it, but i'm getting better..... I think.

Did you see the letters I'm sitting on, it spells out C-U-T-E. Isn't that just awesome?

Not long ago at the beginning at the year or sew (so), I started to make hair accessories, (I wore a couple of pairs in this post) I started with pom poms then bows then headbands over to knitted headbands to knitted bows to little characters to love hearts to... anyway, check out these babies that I'm wearing. I made them in the same colour/hue as the dress. Pretty awesomesauce huh? Anybody? Well, I think so.

What I wore:
Pom pom hair accessories: Handmade by me.
Moustache and glasses necklace: Diva
Awesome dress with an awesome collar: Handmade by me (of course:))
Frilly socks: Dangerfield (Best shop EVER!)
Black and white saddle shoes: Borrowed from mummy.

Happy sewing

P.S Did you see the awesome mini-me I drew in that last picture? I'm having fun on the puter learning stuffs :P

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