Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Santa is so nice. Thanks for the gifts, dude!

Before I begin this post, I would love to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! and a safe and awesome 2014!

Now lets get to business. As you can see there is a record player pictured above. This here record player has my name written allllll over it. Literally? No, but I'm sure you know what I mean. \>.</
It's pretty damn exciting to finally own one, and to finally be able to play my Rocky Horror Picture Show record on it, too. Not only can I play Rocky Horror, but my new records as well!
Yep! I've added more to my collection! Including this here Lady Gaga album above, my first picture disk! My mum says picture disks are just to collect and not to play, but I can't help it!

 I've also collected Grimes, The Cure, and Sinéad O'connor. I never thought I would of collected these three amazing albums to start off my collection. The Sinéad O'connor album was actually thrifted about two days after Christmas, but I still count it as a Christmas gift. It's a Christmas miracle! *0*

^ I also received this adorable basket weave handbag in the shape of a cat! ^

^ This dreamy book, Rookie Yearbook Two. ^

^ Two pairs of glasses. The white ones were found last weekend at this HUGE vintage palace, Chapel Street Bazaar. I like to count it as another gift from Santa. He guided me to them. Thank you, Santa! ^

^ I bought myself some more Lime Crime lippy with my Christmas money as well. This one is New Yolk City. I don't know what to wear it with at the moment, but it'll come to me. ^

^ I bought this here transparent backpack with my money, too. I was going to save my money for shopping in the citay, but as I "accidentally" walked into Dangerfield, I found this. A bag I have been admiring for several... uh... Pinterest visits. So I apologised to mum and told her to postpone our city trip, because I could not contain my excitement, and bought the bag. ^

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hanging with my fam in my new banana dress.

Why hello my kitties! How was your Christmas? I have to admit I had a pretty good time, opening gifts from "Santa", stuffing my face full of food, and getting hella sunburnt at the beach, mostly on my legs. You can probably tell in these photos that my legs are a lot darker than the rest of my body. Haha!

Yesterday me and my fam (family) drove on down to Warrandyte for a walk along the river. It was quite lovely, so we took some photos together! I'm wearing my brand new banana dress I got for Christmas. It's from Dangerfield and I have to say I love it with my new hair! 
Maybe I should put up a post about what lucky gifts I got this year. (SPOILER ALERT! I GOT A RECORD PLAYER!)

This here is my little bro. He's pretty cool I guess. This area we're standing in front of looks like an area where people would hide out during a zombie apocalypse. I mean, look at the doors that are boarded up. Are you not with me?


What I wore:
- Black and white sunnies: Thrifted.
- Banana dress: Dangerfield.
- Green, polka-dot cat socks: Dangerfield.
- Black saddle shoes: Ebay

Friday, December 20, 2013

I've drawn Meadham Kirchhoff's new Topshop collection!

Quite a while ago, Meadham Kirchhoff released its collection for Topshop! I have to say, it's the dreamiest collection I have ever encountered. I mean, if I were to win a million dollars, I would spend every dime on Meadham Kirchhoff. So yeah, I really love Meadham Kirchhoff, and I've decided to draw my favourite items on my little characters.

This first little lady is wearing:

This character is wearing:
- This red and aqua heart jumpsuit.
- And these red, green, and gold monster heels.

This one is wearing:
- This pastel, rainbow skirt.
- And these red, sequin, rainbow heels.

Do you like them? I love the first girl. Also, do you like their hair, too? I've given them Weetzie Bat hair. I just love this hairstyle, actually I love it SO much that I finally got my hair cut, JUST LIKE WEETZIE'S! I'd like to say these girls could be me in....Meadham Kirchhoff *drools*. But my hair is no longer blonde. IT'S PINK!

In this picture, you can see I am wearing pink lipstick. Actually, it's more than that my friends. It's Limecrime! (Geradium if you want to be precise.) I never thought I would be wearing this on my face, and I never thought I would find a whole bunch of Limecrime at my local mall. I'M IN HEAVEN! \*0*/

Ooookay, I should get to the end of this post now. But before I do that, I must mention (on the subject of Meadham Kirchhoff) that in my art class, I painted one of my characters in Meadham Kirchhoff, on a HUUUUUGE wooden board. Well, it isn't THAT big, just poster size. But anyways, it's hung up next to my bed where I can drift into escapism, and imagine, that one day, I will be wearing, M.E.A.D.H.A.M  K.I.R.C.H.H.O.F.F!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OOTD's you missed.

During my hiatus, you guys missed a couple of outfits I've worn to occasions and such. So I've decided to draw them! In this first one, you can see I'm wearing my creepers and crown! I don't know why, but I loved drawing the crown. It's the first time I've drawn one....with fabulous, glittery pipe-cleaners that is!

I've never taken a photo of this coat before. My darling mother found it at the thrift store! THE THRIFT STORE! The fabric is rainbow tartan. OH MY GLOB! RAINBOW TARTAN! \*0*/

This picture of me looks... midget-y. Don't you think? Hehe >.<

I've had this coat for a long, loooong time, and haven't taken a photo of it for you yet? Ugh, what is WRONG with me? As you can see, this is a pastel pink, frilly, bow-y(?) coat, which is so damn warm! and lolita-y!?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A fabulous occasion.

Yesterday my mum, dad, and I waltzed about town and ate pancakes at The Pancake Parlour in response to an amazing award I received for being the most achievable year nine student at my school this semester! What a radical end to the year! \*0*/ Wow! Wow! Wow! Anyways, this is what I wore to this fabulous occasion.

What I Wore:
- Vivienne Westwood like hat: Thrifted.
- Long Sleeved shirt: Given to by mother.
- Mark Jacobs dress: Thrifted.
- Frilly Weetzie Bat bag: Thrifted.
- Mustard socks: Target or some shit.
- Black granny boots: Thrifted.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Girl Crush: Catherine Ringer, Les Rita Mitsouko.

During my blog hiatus, I've had a girl crush on the lead singer of the french band, Les Rita Mitsouko. Her name is Catherine Ringer, and she can bust some serious moves!
I've drawn her here in my three favourite videos they've made. This one here is her in the video, Marcia Baila.

This is her in the video, Andy.

And here is her in my favourite video, C'est comme ça.

My mum is into her parter, Frédéric, the guitarist. She thinks he's pretty good lookin', especially in C'est comme ça. ;)
You should totally check them out, they're pretty rad.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

100th blog post! It's a special one, too!

Wow, check out that blog hiatus! The explanation for this is because I've been saving this blog post. Why? Because this is a special post. Why? Because it's my 100th!
I thought I would make my 100th blog post a special one. So I got out the white screen, and took some photos of an outfit I made, (except for the earrings and socks).

This dress is made out of what you can call...THE MOST ADORABLE DOONA COVER EVERRRRR! Mum taught me how to make it, out of this dress pattern she made for me. (Love you mum!) I did have difficulties, but in the end I believe this dress turned out fabulous! and pink! Which is what I love best.

Other than this dress, I made myself another crown. This one includes Grimes, flowers, gems, and the word ugh. I'm very unhappy with the glue I used though. Once and a while bits and pieces fall off :( 

I've been experimenting with makeup a lot lately. At the moment I love making my eyelids look like strawberries/watermelons. I got the inspiration from this blogger named Doe Deere. She's pretty radical, along with her buddy, Valfre. I love her artwork. It's totes awesome!

Another fabulous addition to my outfit are these gloves, which I knitted myself! I didn't even use a pattern! Like all of the other things I knit! OH MA GAD! I am like, soooo talented. I might even become the next Twinkie Chan! Haha, NO! 
I actually find knitting patterns confusing. It's sad, really. All I can knit are squares and rectangles....and pom-poms. If you count that as knitting. Anyways...yeah, I knitted these gloves.

What I wore:
- Grimes crown: Handmade.
- Kitty earrings: B'day prezzie.
- Toy Story badge: Handmade.
- Knitted gloves: Handmade.
- Fabulous pink dress: Handmade.
- Doughnut socks: Dangerfield.
- Glittery shoes: D.I.Yed by meeee.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mini Tumblr #2.

How rad is this girls wardrobe?! I wouldn't mind this Catwoman jumper either.

I recently watched this movie called "Sucker Punch". It's my new favourite, next to Tank Girl. This girl here is Baby Doll. Isn't she gorgeous? Her real name is Emily Browning, and she's from Melbourne! It looks like I've got myself a new favourite actress too :3

Cats always make me happy :)

I experience escapism when I imagine myself with rainbow hair like this. (I like that word. Escapism. Hehe)

I'll end this Mini Tumbr with some adorable Adventure Time. ^.^

Friday, November 1, 2013

My new badge collection!

Other than this crown made out of glittery pipe cleaners (Inspiration), I've made myself a new collection of badges! You can make anything into a badge these days. The possibilities are endless!

These are some experiments. The one above is one of those little guys from Toy Story! I just HAD to add googly eyes. Besides glitter, googly eyes are my favourite embellishment. They add character.

The badge below is....interesting, don't you think? This badge is made out of my favourite things: glitter, gems, googly eyes, flowers, dolls. I just adore this one. :3

With inspiration from Girl With The Flower, I've made four Derpy animal badges! The googly eyes make the plastic animals look so dumb. Hehe :)