Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daria's Collection Of Bow Ties.

I am totes cray cray for cats. My girl is a gorgeous tortie persian, she is such a doll her name is Daria. I named her after the cartoon character, which I also love.

I love bows. I love making them. I make them for my hair, but this time I decided to make Daria a bow tie. All you need to do is cut your fabric into two rectangles, sew them right sides together then turn  right sides through; attach elastic by wrapping wool around the centre of the bow tie and elastic and sew ends of elastic together. Pretty easy!!  Mum says I'm ready for the 'next level'. To Be Even More Creative. 

So far I have made 10 bow ties. She doesn't mind wearing them at all, she looks totes awesome in them. Sometimes I like to think that late at night she walks to a club where all the cool cats hang out, and one cat comes up to her and asks,"What brand are you wearing?" and Daria would answer with a simple, "Sew Smitten Kitten."

If I were to ever open up a shop I would definitely sell these. Which one is your favourite? I like the floral one on the end. Daria looks gorgeous in it.

Happy bow tie making.

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