Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whip My Hair Jumpsuit.

During the holidays, I jumped on my sewing machine and got hardcore. I made Willow Smiths Amazing Radical Amazing Jumpsuit. I have been dying for this creation for A G E S, but I thought "Wait, I can maybe make myself one, it can't be that hard right?" it was really challenging for me but with my Mum's help, I think between us we nailed it!

A while ago, I found this amazing fabric from...wait for it, THE OP SHOP! I know right? Stoked!! I wanted the baggy crotch and we only had a metre or so of fabric, so we got some black fabric cotton and filled in the gaps by adding triangles to the outsides of the pants making the outwardy points, piping on the back, black filling in the bodice, exposed zip and eyelet tape to finish it off.

For Christmas I got Mungyo Pastels. Yeah you can use them for making art, but I rub it into my hair. My Mum tells me people like Shrinkle do it. We went nuts and my Mum used the pastels to colour my hair like a full-on rainbow.

Of course my Mum edited these photo's. She couldn't resist making a gif of me whipping my hair back and forth. My Mum posted about this Jumpsuit on her blog.

Here is the original Jumpsuit from my favourite magazine Teen Vogue, and if you haven't seen the video, here it is.

Happy hair whipping.

(Sophie B, if you are reading this, I couldn't reply to your comment, but yes I do remember you. Hey *waves* thanks for reading my blog : )

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