Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fruit cats!

I was sitting at my watercolours stressing wondering, what I should draw? I got myself into a right royal mess :) until an image came to mind, phew! "Extra, Extra, read all about it. A fourteen year old girl has become famous because of FRUIT CATS!
Well, I probably won't become famous, but I do adore the idea. Cats, made to look like fruits. Who has ever thought of such a crazy idea. So I checked on Google, just incase anyone has the same mind as I do. Nope, no Fruit Cats anywhere, until now!

I have only drawn two Fruit Cats, there is definitely more to come don't you worry about that. I have started off with Pineapple Cat and Strawberry Cat. Strawberry Cat is my favourite so far. 

I am loving this idea, anyway, here's a video to show you just HOW excited I am over FRUIT CATS!

Happy drawing

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  1. Your blog is real fun! And considering that you're just fourteen makes me rather curious how you, your blog and all this art work will develop. I like the Fruit Cats. I just recently drew comic strawberries, too. But no cats ;) Did you ever think about writing stories or comics to your characters? I can see the Fruit Cats having some serious fun.