Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My rockin' outfit!

Do you guys want to know what I like to do? I like to experiment with clothes, hair and makeup. I LOVE putting together a colourful outfit, I love doing my hair into different styles and I love putting on some bright, fun, and wacky coloured make-up too.

It was a lazy sunny Saturday, and I thought I'd put my hair up into a beehive. Suddenly I realised my hair was a lot longer and thicker than the last time my hair was up all beehivey so it decided to morph into a different shape. As you can see, this is how it turned out, and I thought it looked pretty damn amazeballs with the blue hair dye and all.

I have some bright pink eye-shadow which I smeared across my eyelids and then put on my favourite accessories- my Tavi tee and jeans. I am all set for Photoshop. I like Photoshop it makes your pictures look fun.

What I wore:
Yellow knitted bow: Handmade
Tavi shirt: Dangerfield
Gaga gloves: Dangerfield
Black LEE skinny jeans: Op shop
Mums super awesome wedges: Ebay

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