Saturday, May 4, 2013

R.I.P Daria

Only a couple of days ago, we were watching Conan and eating spaghetti bolognese, when all of a sudden, someone walks up to our front door. The man pulls my parents outside with some really awful news, mum comes back inside with tears in her eyes and tells me- I'm so sorry babes, Daria's been hit by a car. I am seriously devastated.

As you could imagine, she started to get pretty damn adventurous, climbing big trees, and now crossing roads?

She was a happy cat, and not one of those depressed, inside cats which never get to explore the world.
I do miss her especially at night in bed, because she always slept on my head. Teehee ;)

The next day, I painted rocks, picked up fake flowers and anything else I could get my hands on. With all of that I made Daria a colourful memorial in our backyard where she was buried. I talk to her everyday, and my other cat (Iggy) sits near her all the time. He seemed to appreciate what I built for Daria.

I thought it would be nice if I planted some photo's and video's of Daria in this post, for memories.

She sure was the craziest cat.

 So adorable.

She loved sewing with mum.

As any cat should, she would sleep everywhere.

She sure loved my yoyo.

And wrapping paper.

R.I.P Daria, you were and always will be the best cat in the world.

Remembering the happy times:)

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