Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Big eyes, cats and Boy George.

Well, It's that time of the month, and by that I mean that time when I show you my latest drawings of yayness. Yay! I have been experimenting with the eyes on my characters and using details to make them interesting.
This first stylish, pastel beauty is Sassy Lassie. I love her shoes.

Here is Linnie, she is supa bad-ass with her awesome boots, pink hair and tutu. I'm getting better at drawing hands, curly hair and doe eyes.

When I started drawing dreamy doe eyes I thought it would be a fabulous idea to draw a daydreaming schoolgirl. Her name is Oba, and lets just say she is dreaming about the lovely dress she will be buying after school.

With all of these new social internet thingys coming up all over the place, a lot of people (including mwa) must have Instagram. As a cat lover, I am always looking up adorable kitties to keep my 'happy levels' full; along the way I found Hamilton The Hipster Cat. No he isn't a member of a gang or anything like it sounds, he has a MUSTACHE! There happened to be an art competition held for who could draw the best Hamilton. Of course I couldn't resist and got sketching straight away. Unfortunately I didn't get into the finals but I still adore my big eyed version of Hamilton The Hipster Cat :)

As you may know, In my last post I was dressed as the amazing and fabulous Boy George mixed up with some other awesome peeps I admire. As the days passed my mum was begging for me to draw this amazing man in makeup, eventually I confessed that I too wanted to try to make this artwork of epicness, and here it is :)

Over time when I go out with my mum to the shops I always wish I had money and then I imagine opening up a shop to get that money. Selling cartoons, badges and such Is something I'd enjoy and when I do open up that shop this will be one of my products, Foxy moxie. I love the look of foxes, their fuzzy red fur and their beady eyes, I just feel like I want to hug them at times, but of course they will rip my face off so I think I'll just stick to hugging my imaginary foxes... in my mind ...all alone :)

Do you remember in my last "What I Drew" post I started to experiment with photoshop by colouring in my pictures? Well I've decided to send my girl "MYLO" to the photoshop studio. I thought it would be super crazy if she had gradient hair. I also like the idea of her wearing a sweet pastel dress with sky high punk boots. It all comes together perfectly.

Before I end this post with the usual Happy drawing I want to make you all aware that there is an awesome blog out there, you know in blogesphere, which is called Self-Constructed Freak. She works with Rookie Mag and she does most of the D.I.Y posts. I think she is super cool, check her out!

Happy drawing

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