Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thrifting on a Sunday

 What did you do on the weekend? Well let me tell you that I got pretty lucky thrift shopping (Hehe.) But, before I show you what I found, I'm going to show you my outfit of the day.

I was digging through my mums stash of junk jewellery and found this faery ring (I like spelling it like that :D) Maybe you can't really see but one of her legs fell off. When I found her, the leg was bent the other way, so I tried to fix it but, you know! fell off -_-. I like to call her the demented faery as an evil teen would (MWAHAHAHAHA!)

What I wore:
Red lolita headband: Thrifted
Black jacket: Thrifted
Blue dress with white collar: Thrifted
USA badge: Market
Fluffy (It's a dog by the way) bag: Thrifted
Demented faery: Mums jewellery collection
Mustard tights: Dangerfield
Detachable sock ruffles: Made by mwah
Saddle shoes: mine.

Guess what, I bought my first two records :D One is an Abba album and the other...GREASE!! It even opens up. LOOOOVE IT!

I also found two troll dolls, a pair of brown brogues, a little hat brooch, a yellow dress and a pink dress. The pink dress reminds me of something Weetzie Bat would wear. The Flowers look like palm trees which is described in the book to be her surroundings.

I'm going to shorten both of the dresses, so they don't look so nanny :) I also found a Mickey Mouse soft toy, I'm thinking of adding some straps to him making him into a bag.
I also added my new white eyeliner to my collage because it was something I bought that day. I heard that if you apply white eyeliner to your waterline it makes your eyes look bigger, more awake. I thought teens would need that since they're asleep most of the time :)

I'll update you soon about my adjustments to my new thrifts, but until then check out some of these blogs I keep an eye on.

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