Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting creative

I've been making/D.I.Y-ing lately, and I thought it would be a pleasure to show you what I've done.

As you could see on the left, I've made myself a pair of shorts. I made a big mistake though, and made them out of cotton (It isn't the first time.) Do you know what happens when you sit in shorts made out of cotton? They turn to the dark side and wrinkle, and by the time you know it you're wearing a scrunched up piece of paper! I just couldn't take it, I loved the thought of plaid shorts. You probably can't see, but because I don't own a pair of Cat Tattoo Tights I thought I'd get creative and make my own. (AKA: Drawing cat faces on my knees)
I've also made:
- A troll doll badge.
- A sparkly detachable collar.
- Sparkly glasses.
- A crown (This one's my favourite.)
- A dress for Cherokee.

You may notice I have presented my pictures differently. I thought it would add some PIZZAZ to surround them with daisies, stickers and Cupies. I hope you like the new look.


  1. You have been super busy!! Your shorts turned out brilliant maybe they're 'standing only' shorts :)

    1. Thanks mum, I totally agree on the 'standing only' shorts. >.<