Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lined paper madness.

Sometimes when you get bored, there is nothing else to do but sketch on some lined paper that's lying around. I started drawing one of those doe-eyed girls that I came up with in my last post. I decided to go one step further and colour her in with some pencils. I really don't know what it is, but I actually like how it looks on the lined paper.

I still got bored though, I started experimenting with the eyes again and got this. Do you like her strawberry jumper?

It still isn't what I was going for. So I gave it a night, thinking of something that could catch my eye.

When I shut my eyes that night, images came into my head. Big eyes of course, but spread apart on her wide cheeks. She would also have stubby legs and small lips. I was getting excited so the first thing I did the next morning was sketch my character down on lined paper ( that's sort of a thing now I guess.)
I present to you Strawberry Bubblegum!

I love it! I've never seen such a character, her body isn't too small and her head isn't too big. PERFECTION!! Except for this next girl >.<

She doesn't look too happy about it either. Oops, but I do like her outfit. Anyways, to the next girl. She is a Hip Hippie. Peace.

I started losing idea's, What should she wear? What should her hairstyle be? But wait, where do you go to when you need inspiration? Pinterest! So I go to my fashion board, and decide to sketch an exact replica of these fashionable fabs. In my own style of course :)

I'm sorry the last picture is really small. I love them!

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