Friday, July 5, 2013

Pom Poms and lace.

Yippee, another outfit post! I have been thinking day in, day out about how to present my outfits. So for inspiration I look at blogs, and I have noticed that most people take outfit photo's in their room. Yes, I do admire and crave for Marlena's green wall, but I fill my walls with posters of awesomeness instead.

Cherokee, hanging out with all my junk.

Oh Edie, (Sedgwick, Haha) how I love you on my wall.

What I wore:
Pom Poms: Handmade.
Glasses necklace: Diva.
Lace dress: Thrifted.
Black tights: Target.
Docs ( I couldn't find a decent photo of them in it): Thrifted.

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