Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things

Hello my kitties. My latest interests are pictured above as a collage which I made on Polyvore. One day when I finally open an Etsy store, I could save up for all of these things. I've been thinking a lot about opening one lately. The name, the swing tags, what I would be selling and how perfect the quality has to be. The quality is what's scaring me the most :( What if someone buys something and it breaks the next day? I'm going to be practicing making things ALOT before I think about selling them. *sigh* Anyways, lets get on with it.

Weekly Interests:

- Neon orange fur coat - Found here.
I found a jacket like this at Camberwell market on the weekend and thought it would look pretty awesome with a feather headdress. I regret not begging my mum for it, but it was pretty expensive. So I tried (and succeeded) to find one on the net to add to my wishlist.

- Cat bowler hat - Found here.
I have been craving this hat for ages, it's just so awesome. When you go to the website, it tells you they're bear hats but I like the thought of cat hats :)

- Unicorn ring - Found here.
There are absolutely no words for this fantastic ring ^.^

- Cat tights - Found here.
I am currently going through a white tights phase, and these might be the reason why.

- Meadham Kirchhoff Nail wraps - Found here.
I love nail wraps but MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF??!! Yes please!

- White pixie boots - Found here.
I've fallen in love with these pixie boots ever since I saw Marlena wear them <3

This last picture is from Papermag. I absolutely adore this photo shoot inspired by Weetzie Bat. I love the hair on "Weetzie", and the clothing is inspiring too.

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