Thursday, August 1, 2013

Favourite bloggers Faux Fur Kitten style.

Lately I've been drawing my favourite bloggers. I've been choosing the main features about them and I think they have turned out pretty well. When I first thought about drawing my favourite bloggers, Marlena came straight to mind. She is the only person I know who wears Polly Pocket clip on earrings and Care Bear dresses, so I think you can tell that this is Marlena, who writes the blog Self-constructed freak.

Here's Ariana, who writes Spookypuke.

Kailey, who writes Mermaidens.

Tavi, who writes Style Rookie and Rookie.

Zoe, who writes Girl With The Flower.

And last but not least, my favourite, Twinkie Chan, who writes TWiNKiE CHAN. I think I captured all of her main features perfectly. The glasses, the hair, the scarf and crochet needle. LOVE IT!

Not long after I found all of that lined paper to draw on, I found a folder to store it in. It had those plastic sleeves on the front, spine and back of it, so I could make it look like I made my own folder cover. I felt pretty dumb after I figured out I wrote 'book' on it though.

To finish this post off I present you with my new painted nails. They are the best they have been in a long time.


  1. So honored to have been drawn by you - and so adorably! Thank you so much Edie! <333

    1. I'm so honored to have you comment on my blog! \^.^/ I'm a big fan of Mermaidens <3