Friday, August 2, 2013


I'm back from my school holidays now (NOOOOO!) and to look on the bright side of things I remembered that I have art class (YESSSSS!) We've been learning about Salvador Dali and creating our own weird collages, but before all of that we had to choose a portrait of either this girl ^ or a creepy looking guy who sort of looks like a zombie but isn't anyways, as you can see I chose the girl. The next step was to draw a grid on your piece of paper (lightly with pencil) then one on the picture you chose. You had to then use the grids to draw an exact replica of the portrait you chose, after that you could make the picture your own, by changing the hair style, adding makeup or whatever. Here is my result (below) and to be honest I love it! The grids helped a lot and it's the first time I've drawn a picture like this without the nose being five centimetres from where it should be. As the title says, this picture is real life!  \^.^/

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