Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pink and Orange vibes.

I'm getting pink and orange vibes from my hair in this post. Hmmmm... I wonder why? I think it's my latest inspiration. (Pssst!'ll find out at the end of the post.) I cut my fringe short and used my pastel chalks to rub in the colours. Because of that and the handmade troll doll badge I'm wearing, I thought it would be fun to add pink and orange troll dolls around the border of my pictures. YAY!

What I wore:
- Pink zipper earrings and necklace: Gifts for my birthday.
- Troll doll badge: Handmade by meeeeee!
- Patterned denim jacket: Myer.
- Badass girl shirt: Hand-me-down from mum.
- Tartan dress worn as skirt: Thrifted.
- Rainbow socks: One of those cute sock shops ^.^
- Docs: Thrifted.

Now to finally mention my latest inspiration. It's Hayley Williams from the band Paramore! and because I am creepily addicted to her and know all the words to the song 'I'm Still into you', I thought it would be appropriate to show you how she performs. BEHOLD!

I need that shirt, and that jacket, and those tights, and that..... Gah, I should get a job.

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  1. A M A Z E I love your hair like this. That T-shirt? We can call that vintage haha! Great job on the troll collage babes. x