Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This looks like a D.I.Y post.

After days and days of painting, and drying, and painting, and drying and.... dah lets get on with it. (there are a lot of layers okay!) I finally finished my new D.I.Y! I decided to spazz these tap shoes up after I totally sucked at dancing in them. So I put them to good use, glittered them up and removed the tippity tappity bits from off the soles.
I've been everlastingly looking at this D.I.Y for quite some time, and now I have finally conquered it. Did you hear that guys? I CONQUERED IT!! I was also thinking of making a super duper cool tutorial on how I did it. BUT! I thought it would be super duper B.O.R.I.N.G since there are way too many out there in the... you know internet-sphere! The one I used was one from RookieMarlena the clever D.I.Y queen wrote it, obviously!
I even made a GIF to show how many different pairs of socks they look good with :)


Other than my new shoes, I found a bouquet of humongous, fake, pink flowers and made some use out of them by making another crown to add to the collection. I also added a little bit of glitter to give them some PIZZAZ! I love the colour, ya'll know pink is what I like best :)

This is one of my favourite creations. A Frida Kahlo badge!! I found a doll, pulled the head off (Heh!Heh!) and used it for the badge. The body is currently being used for an art project. I'm really excited about it, and promise to post about it when its done.
But until then, I shall reveal another Paramore video, because I am creepily obsessed. Bye bye my kitties \^.^/

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  1. Yay the shoes turned out brilliant, all that glitter, so good and, the Gif? you have so many cool socks. You're such a talent. Can I borrow your Frida brooch?