Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TOTORO! Oh...and my outfit

Have I ever mentioned I L.O.V.E Totoro? Wait...you haven't heard of him? He is an adorable, fluffy, spiritual creature in one of Hayao Miyazaki's fantasy movies.

Totoro is one of my favourite animated characters EVER (right beside EVERYONE from Adventure Time). When I first moved to Melbourne, I bought myself a stuffed Totoro! I know I'm fifteen, but...I cuddle him while I'm asleep. >.< I have been for five years! I take him to sleepovers, when I'm visiting my cousins over in Sydney, and I'm gonna take him to my school camp too. I don't care what people say. He is my cuddle buddy \ >.< /
Other characters I love in "My Neighbour Totoro" are the Soot Sprites! Some people call them Soot Bunnies, but Soot Sprites is what I like best. So, I thought I'd add them to my pictures. AHHHH, so cute :3

I should describe what I'm wearing now. Hehe.

What I wore:
-Handmade Binoculars: I wore this with my Suzy outfit quite a while ago.
-Black dress: Vintage make from my mum.
-Black pixie boots: Thrifted for $2!!!!!!!! I know it's cray cray!

   ^ ^
 (^^^)   <---- DID YOU SEE THAT! DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID???!!!

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