Friday, October 18, 2013

My Mini Tumblr #1

I've thought of getting myself a Tumblr, but I've always thought it's sorta like Pinterest, less organised though. Pinterest has all these boards, which helps me to find where certain pictures are, but somehow Tumblr seems way cooler. >.< 
I would probably get stressed having both. I mean, if I find a picture that comes to my liking, I would have to Pin it AND put it up on my Tumblr (because I'm kinda a crazy organised bitch :).) BUUUUUT, what if I have a Mini Tumblr!? Here's how it works! When I'm pretty happy with what I've found floating around the internet-sphere during the week (or month, or whatever), I could put up a post up on my blog, naming it my Mini Tumblr. Yay! First world problem solved!

This is Eva Pinkland. The super kawaii, fashion model from Hong Kong. She is full of pink-ness, and blue-ness, and purple-ness, and....well basically every colour of the rainbow-ness. She has her own Tumblr. It's called Eva's Pinkland!

I love these hairdo's! They're clever, yet super kawaii!

I'm sooooo addicted to these shoes right now. GIMME! GIMME!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Mickey Mouse Club.

Why hello my little kitties! I finally went to my school camp this week, but came home telling everyone it was the worst. We went hiking, mountain bike riding, and there was a hole in the roof of our cabin that was covered up with paper and blue tack! That's right, you heard me. BLUE TACK! But it wasn't all that bad. I mean I came home to this marvellous creation my mum made me. Isn't she THE BEST?
This jacket and skirt is made from Micky/Minnie mouse curtains we thrifted. I just love curtains! 

Mum is so clever. She didn't even use a pattern! She copied this jacket I own. I think she did an awesome job! *clap clap*

I'm probably going to wear this outfit over, and over, and over, and over. (and over.)

Monday, October 7, 2013

The final daily holiday sketch. Tavi Gevinson.

Ha! Did you guys seriously think I failed my holiday challenge? Did you? Well I didn't. I didn't get to post about my daily holiday sketch yesterday because I had to go to bed early because of school. (*Sarcastic yay*) So, I'm posting about it now. Ha! It's funny that. I did the same thing at the very start of the challenge. 

Alrighty then, to the picture. Can you guess who this is? It's Tavi! Young tavi. I love this whole outfit. (THE SHOES! LOOK AT THE SHOES!) I also love her hair. She's got baby bangs like meeeee!!! (Well she did, at one stage.)

There you go. I achieved something! I set a goal and reached it! I should do challenges more often. WOOHOOOO! GO MOTIVATIOOOOOOOOON! I DID IIIIIT! Okay I'll shut up now. Have a good day. \^.^/

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The final handmade garment, plus my new record!

My final handmade garment is another pair of incredibly adorable bloomers. These don't look very flattering with anything, so that must be a sign that these are destined to be my brand new pyjama bottoms! \>.</

Now you are probably wondering why I've added a whole lotta Rocky Horror to this post. Well let me tell you somethin'. Before I made my accidental pyjama bottoms I walked on over to the market. This record here is the only thing I found. I don't even care that I didn't find anything else. This here Rocky Horror Picture Show record makes up for everything I never owned. I've been looking for this record since...since I was born! So, ummm... YAY!

(What a weird combination. Pink bloomers and a Rocky Horror Picture Show record....I love it!)

Friday, October 4, 2013

The final IT'S REAL LIFE. Frank-N-Furter.

"DON'T GET STRUNG OUT, by the way I look! Don't judge a book by it's co-ver-her." 
IT'S FRANK-N-FURTER! The final IT'S REAL LIFE drawing is of Frank-N-Furter! The sweet transvestite from the classic film "Rocky Horror Picture Show." I've always loved the film, and know every step to the dance "Time Warp."(Obsession alert!)
Frank-N-Furter is probably my favourite character, even though I crave for Columbia's glittery outfit. *drools over the keyboard* Mmmmmm glitter. 
I think I can speak for myself when I say I've improved since I first started. I'm really happy about this one. Yay! I've done five out of five IT'S REAL LIFE drawings now, and I've nearly finished my holiday challenge! \^.^/ GO MOTIVATED-NESS! 

Daily holiday sketch #13. Weetzie Bat.

Today's Daily holiday sketch is of Weetzie Bat, the raddest book character I've ever heard of in my life. There aren't any pictures of her in the book, but there IS a photo shoot in Papermag. Lucia Ribisi modeled as Weetzie, wearing fashion that is TO DIE FOR! The dress I have drawn here is one my oh-so talented mother made a replica of for me. We even did a photo shoot! Whoo! So many links :)

Daily holiday sketch #12. Marlena Pope.

OH MY GLOB! I nearly forgot to post about my daily holiday sketch! That could've been a disaster. I could've failed my holiday challenge, RIGHT AT THE END! BUT, I didn't. So lets just get to the chase. 
Daily holiday sketch #12 is of one of Marlena's latest outfits of never ending adorableness. She's dyed her hair blue! And I love it to death! She makes constructing a simple but fabulous outfit look so damn easy. She is a constructing freak!

Handmade garment #4. Knitted Bjork jumper.

For Handmade garment #4, I haven't touched the sewing machine. *Gasp*. I've been knitting! Actually, this is a UFO, an UnFinished Object. I knitted the sleeves of this jumper months ago, I've only just added the bodice. Surprisingly, this was very easy to make, I didn't even use a pattern! *Double gasp* This is my first knitted garment. Well, I've knitted bows and simple things like that, they're just rectangles and squares cinched in the middle. This jumper wasn't really that different. For the sleeves I knitted really long rectangles (for the Bjork Vessel look), and smaller ones for the bodice. I hand sewed the pieces together with wool, tried it on, made some adjustments and VIOLA! You have a hand-knitted jumper! *Triple gasp* I have a new habit of swinging my arms about, watching the extra long sleeves whirl. It's very warm too despite the 20 mm thick needles I used, making the gaps between stitches extra big. But I love it so much! *Quadruple gasp* Sorry, there really wasn't a need for that last gasp. Hehe.

What I wore:
- Soot Sprite clips: Handmade.
- Gaga glasses: Dangerfield.
- Lady face badge: Hand-me-down from mum.
- Knitted Bjork jumper: Handmade.
- Blue dress: Thrifted.
- Blue dotted tights: Target or sumtin like that.
- Docs: Thrifted.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

IT'S REAL LIFE #4. Enid Coleslaw.

IT'S REAL LIFE #4 is Enid Coleslaw from another one of my favourite films, Ghost World! I don't want to burst my own bubbles, but I am so surprised how good this looks! You can actually tell its Enid. I think I want to put this in a frame and hang it up on my wall to admire how talented I am. Hehe, just kidding. I'm not that up myself. :) But you've got to admit, this IS one of the best drawings I have drawn. Ooooooh, I'm so happy \^.^/ 
One more to go. Who is it gonna be?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Daily holiday sketch #11. More Pinspiration.

For todays Daily holiday sketch, I've again used Pinterest inspiration. Pinspiration! I am creepily organised, (a bit too much) and particular fashion attire must be in their own board. Shoes can't be in the fashion board, they must be in the shoes board! Hair can't be in the fashion board, they must be in the hair board! Duh! :) The only things I put in the fashion board are whole outfits that have more than just awesome makeup, a shirt, or a badge. So what I did was go into each special board, grab something, and make an outfit. Here is what I used, and how the sketch turned out. Oh, how I desperately want to dye my hair that colour.

Daily holiday sketch #10. Duckie Dale.

Here he is. My first drawing of a guy in my own cartoony way. Duckie Dale. I like to call this Duckies volcanic ensemble, I love the way he dresses. He is probably the most stylish guy I know. Duckie is so R.A.D! TOO rad for anyone, even me. Hehe. I think I drew him pretty well. I should draw guys more often. \>.</

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Daily holiday sketch #9. Molly Ringwald, again.

I TOLD YOU I'D DRAW MOLLY'S OUTFIT FROM THE MOVIE PRETTY IN PINK!!!! (Whoops, that was a bit loud.) Pretty in Pink is my absolute favourite movie and NOTHING is going to stop me from drawing anything from it.
This is my favourite outfit she wears in the movie because...."The shoes were fifteen dollars, and I made the rest." OH MY GLOB! I LOVE IT! "The volcanic ensemble," is what Duckie calls it.
Yeah, I don't draw boys, but I think I could have a go at drawing my lovely Duckie next. <3 <3

Handmade garment #3. D.I.Y hoodie.

Yes, Handmade garment #3 is a D.I.Y. I know I didn't make the whole jacket and doesn't count as something I made, BUT! I don't care. Touching a sewing machine means I got creative, and I am proud of what I have "made" today.
For a while I have had this plain, old, boring, black hoodie. Hoodies are very cosy and I wanted to add something to mine to make it wearable to...well, ME! I hope anybody out there in the bloggosphere knows what "The Mighty Boosh" is. It's a weird, radical, awesome....weird....radical show. I'm not going to explain it all to you. Just Google it! Anyways, I have had this Mighty Boosh   t-shirt for quite some time. It's too small for me now *weep weep* But that's what D.I.Y is for, and when my plain, old, boring, black hoodie comes in. I jumped on to my trusty steed, and sewed the logo onto my hoodie. I love it now and want to wear it everyday. See how slinkster cool D.I.Y's are?!

Here's a bit of Mighty Boosh funny-ness to get y'all started :)