Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Handmade garment #3. D.I.Y hoodie.

Yes, Handmade garment #3 is a D.I.Y. I know I didn't make the whole jacket and doesn't count as something I made, BUT! I don't care. Touching a sewing machine means I got creative, and I am proud of what I have "made" today.
For a while I have had this plain, old, boring, black hoodie. Hoodies are very cosy and I wanted to add something to mine to make it wearable to...well, ME! I hope anybody out there in the bloggosphere knows what "The Mighty Boosh" is. It's a weird, radical, awesome....weird....radical show. I'm not going to explain it all to you. Just Google it! Anyways, I have had this Mighty Boosh   t-shirt for quite some time. It's too small for me now *weep weep* But that's what D.I.Y is for, and when my plain, old, boring, black hoodie comes in. I jumped on to my trusty steed, and sewed the logo onto my hoodie. I love it now and want to wear it everyday. See how slinkster cool D.I.Y's are?!

Here's a bit of Mighty Boosh funny-ness to get y'all started :)

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