Friday, October 4, 2013

Handmade garment #4. Knitted Bjork jumper.

For Handmade garment #4, I haven't touched the sewing machine. *Gasp*. I've been knitting! Actually, this is a UFO, an UnFinished Object. I knitted the sleeves of this jumper months ago, I've only just added the bodice. Surprisingly, this was very easy to make, I didn't even use a pattern! *Double gasp* This is my first knitted garment. Well, I've knitted bows and simple things like that, they're just rectangles and squares cinched in the middle. This jumper wasn't really that different. For the sleeves I knitted really long rectangles (for the Bjork Vessel look), and smaller ones for the bodice. I hand sewed the pieces together with wool, tried it on, made some adjustments and VIOLA! You have a hand-knitted jumper! *Triple gasp* I have a new habit of swinging my arms about, watching the extra long sleeves whirl. It's very warm too despite the 20 mm thick needles I used, making the gaps between stitches extra big. But I love it so much! *Quadruple gasp* Sorry, there really wasn't a need for that last gasp. Hehe.

What I wore:
- Soot Sprite clips: Handmade.
- Gaga glasses: Dangerfield.
- Lady face badge: Hand-me-down from mum.
- Knitted Bjork jumper: Handmade.
- Blue dress: Thrifted.
- Blue dotted tights: Target or sumtin like that.
- Docs: Thrifted.

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