Friday, October 18, 2013

My Mini Tumblr #1

I've thought of getting myself a Tumblr, but I've always thought it's sorta like Pinterest, less organised though. Pinterest has all these boards, which helps me to find where certain pictures are, but somehow Tumblr seems way cooler. >.< 
I would probably get stressed having both. I mean, if I find a picture that comes to my liking, I would have to Pin it AND put it up on my Tumblr (because I'm kinda a crazy organised bitch :).) BUUUUUT, what if I have a Mini Tumblr!? Here's how it works! When I'm pretty happy with what I've found floating around the internet-sphere during the week (or month, or whatever), I could put up a post up on my blog, naming it my Mini Tumblr. Yay! First world problem solved!

This is Eva Pinkland. The super kawaii, fashion model from Hong Kong. She is full of pink-ness, and blue-ness, and purple-ness, and....well basically every colour of the rainbow-ness. She has her own Tumblr. It's called Eva's Pinkland!

I love these hairdo's! They're clever, yet super kawaii!

I'm sooooo addicted to these shoes right now. GIMME! GIMME!

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