Friday, October 4, 2013

The final IT'S REAL LIFE. Frank-N-Furter.

"DON'T GET STRUNG OUT, by the way I look! Don't judge a book by it's co-ver-her." 
IT'S FRANK-N-FURTER! The final IT'S REAL LIFE drawing is of Frank-N-Furter! The sweet transvestite from the classic film "Rocky Horror Picture Show." I've always loved the film, and know every step to the dance "Time Warp."(Obsession alert!)
Frank-N-Furter is probably my favourite character, even though I crave for Columbia's glittery outfit. *drools over the keyboard* Mmmmmm glitter. 
I think I can speak for myself when I say I've improved since I first started. I'm really happy about this one. Yay! I've done five out of five IT'S REAL LIFE drawings now, and I've nearly finished my holiday challenge! \^.^/ GO MOTIVATED-NESS! 

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