Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Mickey Mouse Club.

Why hello my little kitties! I finally went to my school camp this week, but came home telling everyone it was the worst. We went hiking, mountain bike riding, and there was a hole in the roof of our cabin that was covered up with paper and blue tack! That's right, you heard me. BLUE TACK! But it wasn't all that bad. I mean I came home to this marvellous creation my mum made me. Isn't she THE BEST?
This jacket and skirt is made from Micky/Minnie mouse curtains we thrifted. I just love curtains! 

Mum is so clever. She didn't even use a pattern! She copied this jacket I own. I think she did an awesome job! *clap clap*

I'm probably going to wear this outfit over, and over, and over, and over. (and over.)


  1. I am drooling over this outfit. It is perfect in every way.

  2. So glad I stumbled across your blog its amazing :) I am your newest follower and fan and I cant believe your mum made this outfit its sooo awesome! Keep being fabulous! ! Xx

    1. Thank you Jessica, this comment is so awesome that I want to print it out and frame it!\^.^/ It's lovely to know you've joined the ride.xx