Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mini Tumblr #2.

How rad is this girls wardrobe?! I wouldn't mind this Catwoman jumper either.

I recently watched this movie called "Sucker Punch". It's my new favourite, next to Tank Girl. This girl here is Baby Doll. Isn't she gorgeous? Her real name is Emily Browning, and she's from Melbourne! It looks like I've got myself a new favourite actress too :3

Cats always make me happy :)

I experience escapism when I imagine myself with rainbow hair like this. (I like that word. Escapism. Hehe)

I'll end this Mini Tumbr with some adorable Adventure Time. ^.^

Friday, November 1, 2013

My new badge collection!

Other than this crown made out of glittery pipe cleaners (Inspiration), I've made myself a new collection of badges! You can make anything into a badge these days. The possibilities are endless!

These are some experiments. The one above is one of those little guys from Toy Story! I just HAD to add googly eyes. Besides glitter, googly eyes are my favourite embellishment. They add character.

The badge below is....interesting, don't you think? This badge is made out of my favourite things: glitter, gems, googly eyes, flowers, dolls. I just adore this one. :3

With inspiration from Girl With The Flower, I've made four Derpy animal badges! The googly eyes make the plastic animals look so dumb. Hehe :)