Tuesday, December 10, 2013

100th blog post! It's a special one, too!

Wow, check out that blog hiatus! The explanation for this is because I've been saving this blog post. Why? Because this is a special post. Why? Because it's my 100th!
I thought I would make my 100th blog post a special one. So I got out the white screen, and took some photos of an outfit I made, (except for the earrings and socks).

This dress is made out of what you can call...THE MOST ADORABLE DOONA COVER EVERRRRR! Mum taught me how to make it, out of this dress pattern she made for me. (Love you mum!) I did have difficulties, but in the end I believe this dress turned out fabulous! and pink! Which is what I love best.

Other than this dress, I made myself another crown. This one includes Grimes, flowers, gems, and the word ugh. I'm very unhappy with the glue I used though. Once and a while bits and pieces fall off :( 

I've been experimenting with makeup a lot lately. At the moment I love making my eyelids look like strawberries/watermelons. I got the inspiration from this blogger named Doe Deere. She's pretty radical, along with her buddy, Valfre. I love her artwork. It's totes awesome!

Another fabulous addition to my outfit are these gloves, which I knitted myself! I didn't even use a pattern! Like all of the other things I knit! OH MA GAD! I am like, soooo talented. I might even become the next Twinkie Chan! Haha, NO! 
I actually find knitting patterns confusing. It's sad, really. All I can knit are squares and rectangles....and pom-poms. If you count that as knitting. Anyways...yeah, I knitted these gloves.

What I wore:
- Grimes crown: Handmade.
- Kitty earrings: B'day prezzie.
- Toy Story badge: Handmade.
- Knitted gloves: Handmade.
- Fabulous pink dress: Handmade.
- Doughnut socks: Dangerfield.
- Glittery shoes: D.I.Yed by meeee.

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