Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hanging with my fam in my new banana dress.

Why hello my kitties! How was your Christmas? I have to admit I had a pretty good time, opening gifts from "Santa", stuffing my face full of food, and getting hella sunburnt at the beach, mostly on my legs. You can probably tell in these photos that my legs are a lot darker than the rest of my body. Haha!

Yesterday me and my fam (family) drove on down to Warrandyte for a walk along the river. It was quite lovely, so we took some photos together! I'm wearing my brand new banana dress I got for Christmas. It's from Dangerfield and I have to say I love it with my new hair! 
Maybe I should put up a post about what lucky gifts I got this year. (SPOILER ALERT! I GOT A RECORD PLAYER!)

This here is my little bro. He's pretty cool I guess. This area we're standing in front of looks like an area where people would hide out during a zombie apocalypse. I mean, look at the doors that are boarded up. Are you not with me?


What I wore:
- Black and white sunnies: Thrifted.
- Banana dress: Dangerfield.
- Green, polka-dot cat socks: Dangerfield.
- Black saddle shoes: Ebay

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  1. Yay! I love the styling and the shooting. And: How cool can a family possibly be?!