Friday, December 20, 2013

I've drawn Meadham Kirchhoff's new Topshop collection!

Quite a while ago, Meadham Kirchhoff released its collection for Topshop! I have to say, it's the dreamiest collection I have ever encountered. I mean, if I were to win a million dollars, I would spend every dime on Meadham Kirchhoff. So yeah, I really love Meadham Kirchhoff, and I've decided to draw my favourite items on my little characters.

This first little lady is wearing:

This character is wearing:
- This red and aqua heart jumpsuit.
- And these red, green, and gold monster heels.

This one is wearing:
- This pastel, rainbow skirt.
- And these red, sequin, rainbow heels.

Do you like them? I love the first girl. Also, do you like their hair, too? I've given them Weetzie Bat hair. I just love this hairstyle, actually I love it SO much that I finally got my hair cut, JUST LIKE WEETZIE'S! I'd like to say these girls could be me in....Meadham Kirchhoff *drools*. But my hair is no longer blonde. IT'S PINK!

In this picture, you can see I am wearing pink lipstick. Actually, it's more than that my friends. It's Limecrime! (Geradium if you want to be precise.) I never thought I would be wearing this on my face, and I never thought I would find a whole bunch of Limecrime at my local mall. I'M IN HEAVEN! \*0*/

Ooookay, I should get to the end of this post now. But before I do that, I must mention (on the subject of Meadham Kirchhoff) that in my art class, I painted one of my characters in Meadham Kirchhoff, on a HUUUUUGE wooden board. Well, it isn't THAT big, just poster size. But anyways, it's hung up next to my bed where I can drift into escapism, and imagine, that one day, I will be wearing, M.E.A.D.H.A.M  K.I.R.C.H.H.O.F.F!

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