Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeling Retro-fied.

Yay! Finally, another outfit post! This one was from a couple of days ago when the weather was being friendly and I didn't have to sit in a pool full of ice! Yippee!

I'm very happy with this outfit! I was sorta going for a Retro vibe. I've been wanting to wear this top with these jeans ever since I thrifted them both. (Yep, I thrifted them. What a bargain, right?) These jeans are originally from Sportsgirl, and I think the top was handmade. I love the combination! Especially with the glasses I found at Jay Jays, and my pixie looking haircut, and my platforms, and my..... well, EVERYTHING!

I love these platforms. They are my Mums, well they were. A few days after Christmas a Christmas miracle occured. MY MUM CLEANED OUT HER WARDROBE!! Oh, you have no idea how long I was waiting for that day to come. She made a huuuuuge pile full of things she didn't wear anymore. The pile had just as many pieces as I do in my wardrobe, and the funny part is that it was only one fifth of hers. Haha.
The cleanout didn't make a difference to the size of her wardrobe, but it definitely made one to mine. THANK YOU, MUUUUUUM! \^.^/

I'm so in love with my haircut! Who new you could do so much with short hair? I love the idea that I can style it into the Weetzie cut, along with the Twiggy cut too! I recently dyed it for the third time because the other two dyes I used came out after four washes. Grrr! My hair better not fall out, I don't think I can rock the Sinéad O'connor look.

What I wore:
- Clips in hair: Mums cleanout.
- Star earrings: Diva.
- Blue Glasses: Jay Jays.
- Stripey shirt: Thrifted.
- Smiley badge: Two dollar shop.
- Bracelet: Gift from my Nan and Grandad, for being the most successfull year nine in the school! *accepts cheers and thrown flowers*
- Bell bottom jeans: Thrifted.
- Black platforms: Mums cleanout.

At the moment I'm learning about the Riot Grrrl movement. So I've recently been listening to a lot of Courtney Love and Kathleen Hanna. (I think I have a girl crush on Courtney <3 <3) I'll let them finish off this post for me. Bye Bye.

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