Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meadham Kirchhoff for meee!

I have returned once again with something handmade, and I'm, like, soooo excited about it! 

I've been admiring the glorious work of Meadham Kirchhoff's Topshop collection for as long as I can remember, (Me and my mum even ran down to our closest Topshop just to stand next to Meadham Kirchhoff, BUT THERE WAS NONE THERE! I nearly cried.) I've also obsessed over their spring/summer 2012 collection as well (I mean, who hasn't, right?) and basically have been praying for Meadham Kirchhoff to magically appear in my wardrobe. They can do that, right? If they can make these somehow manmade collections, they could teleport them into peoples wardrobes, yeah? Am I not correct? Jeez, I've got to shut up. Lets get back on topic shall we?
Anyways, my mum said she could attempt to make me my own Meadham Kirchhoff item. I demanded this dress, but with shorts instead of a skirt. It turned out AWESOME! (You'll see a photo of it some time soon.) She was going to make another, but I really wanted to try making one myself. So I did! A pink one! And here it is!

Ignore my gross legs. They're peeling from that sunburn. Ugh!

I started off with appliquéing the face. Jeez, do you know how hard that is? For my first time it looked pretty good I guess, but I didn't think it was good enough quality for the dress. (IT HAD TO TURN OUT PERFECT!) So I made it into a pillow, which looks adorable with my Disney Princess doona cover by the way :), and let mum appliqué the face for meh, thanks mummy! <3

This one was going to have shorts too, but the crotch looked super weird. Mum helped me end the weird, and cut them into a skirt for me.Thanks again mummy! \^.^/

Even though I'm wearing a fake Meadham Kirchhoff dress, I'm still wearing some real Meadham Kirchhoff. Well not Kirchhoff, just Meadham. Edward Meadham make this crown for the first Rookie Yearbook, which I am lucky enough to have on my bookshelf. So, yeah. I'm wearing Edward Meadham. Take that!

It's so hard to find a good spot to take photos around my house. First it's my room, then my backyard, now my frontyard, where my neighbours can get weirded out. I like this spot. Mwahaha!

What I wore:
- Rookie crown: Rookie Yearbook One.
- Ice cream earrings: Diva.
- White frilly shirt: Thrifted.
- Pink Meadham Kirchhoff dress: Handmade.
- White frilly socks: Dangerfield.
- Sparky shoes: D.I.Yed by meeeeee.

P.S. Do you like my new background? I like changing it regularly. I do it to feel refreshed, so get used to it!


  1. you look awesome! you should start making clothes to sell (if you don't already)....you could make a killing with your skills! I have just featured your blog in my favourite bloggers list :) keep up the great work hun xx


    1. Thank you Jessica! I've been thinking quite a lot about starting a shop. Also, your comments mean a lot to me, especially knowing I'm in your favourite bloggers list! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

  2. Eeep I love your blog! I feel like you are my other half hehe; Meadham Kirchhoff, Aujour le jour, Romance was born, handmade brooches, sewing (that perfect Meadham Kirchhoff heart dress <3), your style, GRIMES, those crowns, TAVI, FRIDA KAHLO, everything! <3 (your hair is also amaaazing)
    I sew sometimes tooo but your stuff is so much pretttier here is my link anyway:0 http://byanja.blogspot.ie/