Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mini Tumblr #3 - Comme des Garçons!

Wow, did anyone notice the mega spasm my blog had? God damn Polyvore!

Lately I've been fangirling over Tavi. Well I've always been a fangirl, but nothing yells SUPA FANGIRL like someone reading her five year long blerg from the very beginning. I've learnt so much just from the first two years of her blog, especially fashion-wise. I've always wondered how people know when their favourite designers release a new collection, and because of the amazing Tavi I've learnt that they use a little website called
The thing is, most of the collections I find on there are the same to me, they all seem meh. The only designers I really admire are Meadham Kirchhoff and Romance Was Born. But I've heard about this designer's name floating around the blogosphere, and I've been meaning to check her out. Her name is Rei Kawakubo, and her label is Comme des Garçons. I find her collections interesting, although I'm not a huge fan of all of them. But there are some I love so much that make me hyperventilate, and so I want to show you my favourite pieces from my favourite collections right here on my Mini Tumblr. Yay!

These pieces (above) are my favourite from the Comme des Garçons Spring 2006 collection. I love how Rei combines plaid with plaid with plaid with plaid. They remind me of this outfit Tavi pulled together way back when she was 12.

The outfits in this Comme des Garçons Spring 2008 collection is pretty colourful compared to the other ones Rei comes up with. I love all of the layers of colourfulness and pattern-ness in the second, third, and fourth pieces from the right side. I also love the bloomers (second from the left). Well they're more like bloomer harnesses. Which are TOTALLY AWESOME! I neeeeeed a pair. Gimme Gimme!

This collection is...well...I'm kinda stuck with how to describe this one. I just love it so much. I don't think there is one fault in this collection. Especially that coat on the right, how it's slanted. I think that's pretty damn radical, Rei.

I've left my absolute favourite for last. You guys must know it was exceedingly difficult for me to narrow the pieces down to a specific amount. I love the harnesses, the lip and heart cutouts, and...wait, is that a jumpsuit containing bloomers? A BLOOMER JUMPSUIT?! *Hyperventilating* *Hyperventilating* *passes out*

Well I think you guys have realised by now I have a bloomer addiction. Wow, weird. -__-

I hope you have all enjoyed me fangirling over Comme des Garçons. I'm sure I'll be back with another new discovery that I probably should've known about years ago. Tata!

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