Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two bloggers showing their true colours.

If you guys have been following my Instagram, ya'll should be aware of these photos my Momma and I have been taking of our colourful outfits we've cleverly put together. I thought I should post about it on my blergy erg, because yeah, that's my purpose of being on this earth. So, have fun, kids!

What I wore:
- Black and white sunnies: Thrifted.
- Pink zebra print jumper: Flea Market.
- Pom Pom jumper: Handmade.
- Long floral skirt: Thrifted.
- Creepers: Platypus shop.

What Mum wore:
- Hat: Thrifted with handmade sausage brim.
- Sunnies: Thrifted.
- Shoulder spikes: Handmade.
- Long sleeved shirt: Thrifted.
- Coloured striped shirt dress: Handmade.
- Pants: Thrifted.
- Comme des Garçons shoes: D.I.Yed.

What I wore:
- Glasses: Chapel Street Bazaar.
- Frilly white shirt: Thrifted.
- Pink Meadham Kirchhoff dress: Handmade.
- Frilly white socks: Dangerfield.
- Glittery shoes: D.I.Yed.

What Mum wore:
- Head wrap: Handmade.
- Tassel earrings: Tree Of Life.
- Sunnies: Jay Jays.
- Reversible dress (the other side is green): Handmade.
- Kimono: Handmade.
- Dookie bracelets: Handmade.
- Rings: Thrifted.
- Pants: Handmade.
- Platforms: Buffalo brand.

What I wore:
- Black bowler hat: Thrifted.
- Polka dotted sunnies: Jay Jays.
- Black singlet: Target.
- Red Meadham Kirchhoff playsuit: Handmade by Mum.
- White Go-Go boots: THRIFTED!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

What Mum wore:
- Hat: Thrifted with handmade sausage brim.
- Sunnies: Dangerfield.
- Loop earrings: Diva.
- Red Stripy dress: Handmade.
- Docs: Platypus shop.

What I wore:
- Cupcake necklace: Diva.
- Yellow dress: Thrifted and hemmed. (Do you remember this dress?)
- Black cat tights: Ebay.
- Creepers: Platypus shop.

Now for Mums long list of layers:
- Hat: Thrifted hat with handmade sausage brim.
- Alpha60 sunnies: Thrifted for $5! And they're actually $150! BARGAIN!
- Loop earrings: Diva.
- Squiggle shirt: Vivienne Westwood. (I want that shirt!)
- Woven bag made into a halter top: D.I.Yed.
- African Kente jacket: Handmade
- Pants: Thrifted
- Platforms: Buffalo brand.


  1. this is your mum?!?! I thought you were friends! what a pair of babes. you both have such inspiring style <3 <3 xxx

    1. Yes, we are best friends as well as mother and daughter. Hehe. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Helena! <3

  2. I had no idea that was your mum! wow you are both so incredibly fabulous!!! xx

    1. Thank you Jessica, everybody seems to be so surprised about my Mum. Haha.