Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Meadham Kirchhoff Saga! - Fall 2014.

About a month ago, when I discovered, I was looking at what else Meadham Kirchhoff had made with their magical hands besides their Fall and Spring 2012 collections. To be honest, I liked them, but I didn't love them. But now, in this hour, the hour after the dreadful homework hour, I checked them out again, and now I am in love! I've had an epiphany! Of course I love this! What was I thinking? So, I am announcing Faux Fur Kittens' very first stop-everything-and-look-at-Meadham-Kirchhoff-saga! \^.^/
For the next couple of posts I will be posting some more of my favourite Meadham Kirchhoff collections! Even though I've got so much to post already! Like some of my new handmade goodies, and finally some more pictures of my Blythe, Cherokee! But that will have to wait! Lets start off the saga with Meadham Kirchhoff's newest collection. Which was released yesterday actually. Yay!

^ This one here is my favourite! ^

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