Friday, March 28, 2014

Glitter, Pacman, and Lydia Deetz.

Finally, here is that post about my recent makings. Well, some not so recent, but who cares. This crown at the very top is my Meadham Kirchhoff crown. Nah, nah, unfortunately it isn't REAL Meadham Kirchhoff, but I made it hoping it would look like Tavi's one she got given. I didn't have any glittery pom poms, so I used some more glittery pipe-cleaners and shaped them into hearts! Sparkly pipe-cleaners are the best for crowns!
The Pacman ghost is a pin. I made the Pacman ghost a few years ago while I was in my Hama Bead faze. I found it the other day and thought it would look rad as a badge.
The two Lego men are earrings! I wanted them to look like fabulous henchmen from the forest or something like that. I tied the hook part a bit too tight so they don't swing or anything, which I guess is a con? Either than that I love them either way!

My Mum got given this box and wanted me to have it. So I thought I'd paint it to look like a watermelon! Like this bag I've seen waltzing around the web. I throw all of my crafty things inside like my glittery pipe-cleaners and hot glue.

At the beginning of the year I made my Mum a David Bowie necklace (for her birthday) out of Sculpey clay she gave me to keep me occupied during the holidays. With Scupley, you sculpt it (duh), stick it in the oven to harden, paint it, and viola! You have yourself a...well anything you want! I thought the David necklace was a hit, so I made more! I first made this eye one, of which I wore in my last post. I liked the Discount Universe eye they added to their designs, so I made my own. Yeah, it ain't as glittery and fabulous, but it sure is a rad add to an outfit, right? Unfortunately I was trying to hold fifty things in one go and dropped it (G.E.N.I.U.S), and that is why there are only two eyelashes. I lost the other two, UGH! Luckily, I didn't drop Lydia Deetz, which I still need to spray with matte protector spray or whatever it's called. I'm hoping to make more when I'm not sleeping, or doing homework, or procrastinating. Ha, teen life eh? So exciting! Anyway, I'll leave you with this Arctic Monkeys song I've been fangirling over lately. Actually I've been fangirling over their whole new album, AM, which I strongly encourage you to listen to. But I'll just give you one song for now. Laterz my kitties!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Teen Witch.

Source: Rookie
I've been addicted to witchy vibes lately. Especially from blogs written by creative and stylish teens, like Tavi's! Which I finished reading by the way! Yeah, I have this cray-zay OCD thing that I must read a bloggers full blog so I feel like I know about them more, aaaand so I can fangirl over the radical outfits they've put together in the past \^w^/. Anyway, Tavi had a wickedly awesome witchy stage, and I fangirled over E.V.E.R.Y outfit and moodboard she posted for dayyyys! So thanks again Tavi for the inpiration.
After I read Tavi's blog, I read Allison's blog, Cosmic Nonsense, which is FILLED with witchy vibes. If not witchy vibes, than pastel, or hippie vibes. Let's just say she is giving out a lot of vibes. She is so cool, and I love her body hair and how proud she is of it. So thank YOU Allison for the inspiration! Hehe.
So yah, Allison and Tavi and Tavi's inspiration and other witchy things are what dragged me into dressing like a witchity witch. Here's a little moodbad of witchy vibes to TRANSFORM YOU INTO A WITCHITY WITCH TOO! JOIN MY COVEN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (I'm casting spells on you, haha lol. Haha, I said lol! Hah-oooookay lets move on.)

 The sources are basically Rookie, Tavi's blog, Allison's blog and my Pinterest.

Did you like it? I love moodboards! So here's MY witchy outfit. My Mum took these photo's in the perfect, creepy, bushy area. You know the kind, the kind where witches would get together and cast random spells. The best part was all of the burnt trees everywhere. It was so creepy, I loved it!


I thought I would add eyes for the extra creepy look. I originally drew eyes on my eyelids, but I couldn't get a decent picture of them, GAH!! I think the black and white filter collaborates well with the scene, don't you think?

What I wore:
- Black Hat: Dangerfield.
- Black lipstick: Lime Crime
- Cross ring: Diva.
- Eye necklace: Handmade. (One of my newest creations that I'm gonna post about soon, yay!)
- Black frilly dress: Mums cleanout.
- Bird belt: Dangerfield.
- Eye tights: Dangerfield.
- Black buckled boots: Target.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Here we are again!

Here we are again! With four more fabulous outfits to show ya'll!

What I wore:
- Pom Pom crown: Handmade by me.
- Pink dress: Thrifted.
- Donut socks: Dangerfield.
- Lady Luck shoes: Mum's cleanout.

What Mum wore:
- Painted coolie: Thrifted.
- Hoop earrings: Diva.
- Ethnic necklace: Ishka.
- Kenti two-piece: Handmade by Mum.
- Voile Shawl: Thrifted.
- Dookie bracelets: Handmade by Mum.
- Platforms: Some shop in England.

My Mum styled the make up and everything in this photo, which was inspired by the amazing Comme des Garçons. I'd say she did an awesome job!

What I wore:
- White shirt: Target.
- Harness: Handmade by Mum.
- Draped skirt: Thrifted.
- Docs: Mum's.

What Mum wore:
- Harness: Zana Bayne.
- Vivienne Westwood inspired layered jersey boob-tube dress: Handmade by Mum.
- Docs: Doc shop.

We were dressed up nice and casual for this photo. We were wearing our favourite t-shirts with our favourite ladies on them.

What I wore:
- Duckie glasses: Thrifted.
- Daria tee: Ebay.
- Blue kilt: Thrifted.
- Mustard coloured socks: Dangerfield.
- Docs: Thrifted.

What Mum wore:
- Bowler hat: Thrifted.
- Glasses: Dangerfield.
- Girls All Over Me Tee: Wacky Wacko by Hunx.
- Paper bag pants with drawstring: Handmade by mum.
- Docs: Doc shop.

And here is one we took recently in front of this wonderful graffiti wall, COVERED IN VINES AND THINGS! Oh, ma gad it was so beautiful. Anyway, we were going for the hobo-ish look.

What I wore: 
- Bowler hat: Thrifted.
- Scarf on head: Thrifted.
- Extremely old Bjork inspired top: Handmade by Mum.
- Sixteen Candles inspired skirt: Handmade by me.
- Rope belt: Handmade by Mum.
- Docs: Thrifted.

What Mum wore: 
- Vivienne Westwood hat: World's End.
- Apache Vivienne Westwood shirt: World's End.
- Suspenders: Ebay.
- Paper bag pants: Handmade by Mum.
- Docs: Doc shop.

To end this post, here is a photo of us two looking as gorgeous as ever. Hehe.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The finale of...The Meadham Kirchhoff Saga! - Fall 2012.

- Fall 2012 -
The Meadham Kirchhoff Saga has come to an end! Congratulations to you Meadham Kirchhoff fangirls out there who have survived and didn't get bored of my unstoppable posts! I'm actually quite sad this has ended, but I'm also excited to write yet another post about this gorgeous, fluffy, glittery, flowy, cosy, monster-esque Fall 2012 collection! After I first found Meadham Kirchhoff on Rookie, I think I hyperventilated about 10000000000000000000 times, and died 2 (actually, maybe 3). But after I found, I found that there was WAY more to this collection than I thought there was. After that, I don't even think I hyperventilated. I instantly died and was in a coma for a month or two (actually, maybe 3). So yeah, my clone was writing my blog for me while I was in critical condition. Anyways, lets stop procrastinating shall we?
I love and crave and drool and need this collection more than I do with sleep, and that is a big thing for a lackadaisical teen to say! I love the monster-esque vibes! The gloves! (OH, THE GLOVES!) The make up! (OH, THE MAKE UP!) The coats! (OH, MA GAD! THE COATS! GIVE. IT. TO. ME! *Hyperventilated, fainted. The clone comes in and writes for me*) You know what else is great? The glitter, the tinsel, the fur, the patches, the everything. I can't talk about this collection any longer because I, Edie's clone, may hyperventilate and shut down, and this post will be no more. So lets get to the conclusion here.
The absolute best thing about Meadham Kirchhoff's collections are that you could (I mean, how can you not?) wear their pieces out in everyday life. Unlike some crazy designers that make things that make you think "HOW?" and are considered art, and it's how they show their emotions or something like that. Yes I'm talking to you Alexander McQueen!
Well, I guess this is the end. Thanks for obsessing over Meadham Kirchhoff with me! I seriously had a good time! I've got to go now, and eat some chicken, and I should probably call an ambulance to see if Edie is alive. Bye now!