Friday, March 28, 2014

Glitter, Pacman, and Lydia Deetz.

Finally, here is that post about my recent makings. Well, some not so recent, but who cares. This crown at the very top is my Meadham Kirchhoff crown. Nah, nah, unfortunately it isn't REAL Meadham Kirchhoff, but I made it hoping it would look like Tavi's one she got given. I didn't have any glittery pom poms, so I used some more glittery pipe-cleaners and shaped them into hearts! Sparkly pipe-cleaners are the best for crowns!
The Pacman ghost is a pin. I made the Pacman ghost a few years ago while I was in my Hama Bead faze. I found it the other day and thought it would look rad as a badge.
The two Lego men are earrings! I wanted them to look like fabulous henchmen from the forest or something like that. I tied the hook part a bit too tight so they don't swing or anything, which I guess is a con? Either than that I love them either way!

My Mum got given this box and wanted me to have it. So I thought I'd paint it to look like a watermelon! Like this bag I've seen waltzing around the web. I throw all of my crafty things inside like my glittery pipe-cleaners and hot glue.

At the beginning of the year I made my Mum a David Bowie necklace (for her birthday) out of Sculpey clay she gave me to keep me occupied during the holidays. With Scupley, you sculpt it (duh), stick it in the oven to harden, paint it, and viola! You have yourself a...well anything you want! I thought the David necklace was a hit, so I made more! I first made this eye one, of which I wore in my last post. I liked the Discount Universe eye they added to their designs, so I made my own. Yeah, it ain't as glittery and fabulous, but it sure is a rad add to an outfit, right? Unfortunately I was trying to hold fifty things in one go and dropped it (G.E.N.I.U.S), and that is why there are only two eyelashes. I lost the other two, UGH! Luckily, I didn't drop Lydia Deetz, which I still need to spray with matte protector spray or whatever it's called. I'm hoping to make more when I'm not sleeping, or doing homework, or procrastinating. Ha, teen life eh? So exciting! Anyway, I'll leave you with this Arctic Monkeys song I've been fangirling over lately. Actually I've been fangirling over their whole new album, AM, which I strongly encourage you to listen to. But I'll just give you one song for now. Laterz my kitties!

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  1. Love this post, feels like I've taken a time machine. (✿◠‿◠)