Friday, March 14, 2014

Here we are again!

Here we are again! With four more fabulous outfits to show ya'll!

What I wore:
- Pom Pom crown: Handmade by me.
- Pink dress: Thrifted.
- Donut socks: Dangerfield.
- Lady Luck shoes: Mum's cleanout.

What Mum wore:
- Painted coolie: Thrifted.
- Hoop earrings: Diva.
- Ethnic necklace: Ishka.
- Kenti two-piece: Handmade by Mum.
- Voile Shawl: Thrifted.
- Dookie bracelets: Handmade by Mum.
- Platforms: Some shop in England.

My Mum styled the make up and everything in this photo, which was inspired by the amazing Comme des Garçons. I'd say she did an awesome job!

What I wore:
- White shirt: Target.
- Harness: Handmade by Mum.
- Draped skirt: Thrifted.
- Docs: Mum's.

What Mum wore:
- Harness: Zana Bayne.
- Vivienne Westwood inspired layered jersey boob-tube dress: Handmade by Mum.
- Docs: Doc shop.

We were dressed up nice and casual for this photo. We were wearing our favourite t-shirts with our favourite ladies on them.

What I wore:
- Duckie glasses: Thrifted.
- Daria tee: Ebay.
- Blue kilt: Thrifted.
- Mustard coloured socks: Dangerfield.
- Docs: Thrifted.

What Mum wore:
- Bowler hat: Thrifted.
- Glasses: Dangerfield.
- Girls All Over Me Tee: Wacky Wacko by Hunx.
- Paper bag pants with drawstring: Handmade by mum.
- Docs: Doc shop.

And here is one we took recently in front of this wonderful graffiti wall, COVERED IN VINES AND THINGS! Oh, ma gad it was so beautiful. Anyway, we were going for the hobo-ish look.

What I wore: 
- Bowler hat: Thrifted.
- Scarf on head: Thrifted.
- Extremely old Bjork inspired top: Handmade by Mum.
- Sixteen Candles inspired skirt: Handmade by me.
- Rope belt: Handmade by Mum.
- Docs: Thrifted.

What Mum wore: 
- Vivienne Westwood hat: World's End.
- Apache Vivienne Westwood shirt: World's End.
- Suspenders: Ebay.
- Paper bag pants: Handmade by Mum.
- Docs: Doc shop.

To end this post, here is a photo of us two looking as gorgeous as ever. Hehe.


  1. you and your mom are adorable! so happy I found your blog.

    1. Thank you a heap for your totes wonderful comments. I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog :) xx