Monday, March 24, 2014

Teen Witch.

Source: Rookie
I've been addicted to witchy vibes lately. Especially from blogs written by creative and stylish teens, like Tavi's! Which I finished reading by the way! Yeah, I have this cray-zay OCD thing that I must read a bloggers full blog so I feel like I know about them more, aaaand so I can fangirl over the radical outfits they've put together in the past \^w^/. Anyway, Tavi had a wickedly awesome witchy stage, and I fangirled over E.V.E.R.Y outfit and moodboard she posted for dayyyys! So thanks again Tavi for the inpiration.
After I read Tavi's blog, I read Allison's blog, Cosmic Nonsense, which is FILLED with witchy vibes. If not witchy vibes, than pastel, or hippie vibes. Let's just say she is giving out a lot of vibes. She is so cool, and I love her body hair and how proud she is of it. So thank YOU Allison for the inspiration! Hehe.
So yah, Allison and Tavi and Tavi's inspiration and other witchy things are what dragged me into dressing like a witchity witch. Here's a little moodbad of witchy vibes to TRANSFORM YOU INTO A WITCHITY WITCH TOO! JOIN MY COVEN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (I'm casting spells on you, haha lol. Haha, I said lol! Hah-oooookay lets move on.)

 The sources are basically Rookie, Tavi's blog, Allison's blog and my Pinterest.

Did you like it? I love moodboards! So here's MY witchy outfit. My Mum took these photo's in the perfect, creepy, bushy area. You know the kind, the kind where witches would get together and cast random spells. The best part was all of the burnt trees everywhere. It was so creepy, I loved it!


I thought I would add eyes for the extra creepy look. I originally drew eyes on my eyelids, but I couldn't get a decent picture of them, GAH!! I think the black and white filter collaborates well with the scene, don't you think?

What I wore:
- Black Hat: Dangerfield.
- Black lipstick: Lime Crime
- Cross ring: Diva.
- Eye necklace: Handmade. (One of my newest creations that I'm gonna post about soon, yay!)
- Black frilly dress: Mums cleanout.
- Bird belt: Dangerfield.
- Eye tights: Dangerfield.
- Black buckled boots: Target.


  1. It's funny, I watched an episode of 'Charmed' yesterday, for the first time in years! Not that they dressed cool like that, it was more the casting spells that reminded me of that. Love the outfit, especially the necklace! ~ Siouxie

  2. I need to dig out the witchy books, and The Craft movie we can cast some spells.

    You look amaze in these photo's, so proud of you... love the necklace too, you are the business.

  3. I love this so much! It must have have been fun to shoot! I'm a big fan of witchy vibes!

  4. Thanks everybody, I appreciate you gals leaving such cool comments on my blog. Stay rad! xx

  5. thanks for these blog recommendations, I'm excited to check them out! I love your own witchy photos, BADASS!